What would do if you lost it all?


I mean on everything – your money, house, car, connections and reputation – and being left in a room for 30 days with just a computer, and food and water, of course?


Could you rebuild your entire empire in such a short amount of time? If you could, how?


These were the questions Russell Brunson asked his fellow Clickfunnelers who built the biggest businesses using his software. 


Would you like to hear what they have said?


In today’s little review, I’ll talk about one of Russell’s products, 30 Days Summit, and everything you can learn from it.


Let’s jump right in! 

What is 30 Days Summit?


30 Days Summit is a collection of interviews with some of the biggest players in the online marketing industry. I am talking about eCommerce business owners, consultants, coaches, agency owners, etc. 


All of these people have different businesses and different plans they follow but what they all have in common is that their companies are very successful. These people include Trey Lewellen, Peng Joon, Dan Henry, etc.   


Similarly to the Affiliate Bootcamp, there is a free and a paid version of this training. 


Free version is comprised of a sequence of emails you receive each day with access link to the reviews. 


In order to access all reviews at once, you’d need to sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge, which is $100 one time. From the OFA dashboard, you can access 30 Days Summit dashboard with all of the interviews. Here’s how that looks like: 


What’s covered inside is exactly what I said at the beginning of the post, biggest players in the industry explaining how would they start their business from scratch, without leveraging their reputation or existing contacts. 


Interviews are comprised of two parts. First part is the general interview where they answer all of the questions above and then the second part is where they log onto their computers and go over their businesses and what worked for them and why. 

Why Join 30 Days Summit?


Is 30 Days Summit worth your time?


My bet is that yes, it is worth your time. First of all, most of courses that contain this kind of information aren’t free. This is probably the biggest reason why you should at least check it out.


Next, you’re receiving information from individuals from various industries – eCommerce, affiliate marketing, coaching and consulting, digital makreting agency and freelancing, etc. 


So if you’ve been wondering if your specific interests are covered inside, they probably are. 


How to get the most out of this training?


My advice would be to go through most interviews but stick to only one or two similar pieces of advice and follow them until you reach your goals. Trying every single method shared inside will lead to nowhere. 


Find the person from the industry you want to get into, follow their advice and don’t stop until you’re satisfied with the result. 


That’s it! There really isn’t much more to it. Sign up for the free version of 30 Days Summit and if you like what you get, join the OFA Challenge and get access to all of the interviews at once and your own unique 30 day plan.   


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