Every business needs to stay in touch with their prospects and customers in order to develop a long term relationship that will be profitable for the both sides. 


Thanks to today’s technology, this is now easier than ever with old-school mail being replaced with digital email that can be delivered in a millisecond.


However, unless you want to manually email 10,000 people, you’d need a software that can do that for you automatically. These software are called email autoresponders. 


There are a lot of ones to choose from and today I want to review one that is built-in a larger product, Clickfunnels – Actionetics.


This app has been renamed to Follow Up Funnels in September of 2019 but most of people still call it the same old catchy name. 


In this post, I’ll cover:

  1. Clickfunnels Actionetics Quick Introduction
  2. How Actionetics Works
  3. Actionetics Most Interesting Features
  4. How to Benefit from Actionetics
  5. The Bad Side of Actionetics
  6. Closing Thoughts 


Sounds good? Great, let’s dive in!

Actionetics Brief Overview


To get right into it, Actionetics is an app inside Clickfunnels, software that serves as a marketing automation toolkit. If you don’t know anything about Clickfunnels at all, go read my full Clickfunnels review. 


In September of 2019, Actionetics changed it’s name to Follow Up Funnels and currently, the only way you can use this product is if you buy either Platinum or Collective plan from Clickfunnels with both plans offering a lot of prestigious features and built-in products but being very expensive at the same time.


Actionetics is used for CRM purposes such as creating lists of prospects and customers and automating a series of messages sent to those same people. 


Now, some of you may be wondering – why invest in a CRM service in the first place?


After all, this specific one we are talking about in this post is not cheap at all. Why spend my hard earned money on it?


For starters, CRM or Customer Relationship Management plays a critical role in getting people into your business ecosystem and having them stay there for a long period of time. 


The specific type of CRM we’re going to talk about in this post which is email brings up to $40 return for every $1 invested


And more than 70% of consumers would rather receive messages from companies through email than any other communication channel. 


Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine you own 3 websites and each is bringing 100,000+ visitors per month and cash just keeps rolling in. Sounds awesome, right?


Now imagine Google doesn’t like you for some reason and decides to shut you down. What do you have left? You have no way of reaching that same audience unless you rebuild which will take a lot of time, again. 


This sounds horrible, I know. But there is one simple solution to prevent this from ever happening – build a list. Collect contact information from those same people who come to your website so that you can reach out to them whenever you want. 


Imagine again that your sites have gone down but this time, you have a list or lists of 100,000+ people to whom can you easily reach out to. Now, you can just keep messaging them via email in order to promote products or easily direct them to a new website you build. Sure, that scenario would still be a huge problem but at least you’d saved yourself from a total disaster


How Does Actionetics Work


Actionetics is a pretty flexible app when it comes to helping you automate your email marketing campaigns and understanding your prospects’ behaviors.   


To get started with Actionetics, you’d need to integrate this app with the sales funnel you’ve built and plan to use to grab email addresses. If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, go read my in-depth guide. 


After that, you’ll be able to grab leads and add them to Actionetics. Inside this app, they call them Contacts


What’s really cool is that you can gather a lot of information about these people such as their age, the exact location they live in, their job title and even is the email address they’ve entered to subscribe to your list the same as the one they’re using for social media. All of this is just a tip of an iceberg. 



Using email automations, you can send these people series of messages where you can link them to your social media profiles, videos, other free offers and paid products. 


After some time, you can see which people have been the most active on your list (read your emails, clicked on your links, bought products etc) and therefore, you can determine how much is the each person worth to your business. 


You can use this information to create other lists for people who are more active and promote more expensive products to them. 


And this is not going to involve some coding mess. In fact, Actionetics requires no coding at all and you have a bunch of video content from Russell Brunson and his team explaining how to use it effectively. 



Great thing about this app is that it integrates smoothly with other apps within Clickfunnels software which are page builder and affiliate management app called Backpack. 


This is good for non techy folks (like me) who hate all the messy integrations with 3rd party tools.   


How to get people to subscribe to your list?


For people who are just getting into the whole world of email marketing, this is the most common question asked – how to get subscribers?


In the One Funnel Away Challenge, one of the things Russell Brunson talks about the most is offer creation. He mentions that in order for someone to enter their email address, you’d have to give them something in return.


So what you’re doing is trading a product for their email address. Basically, something of value that relates to your main offer where you solve the whole problem for your customer.


This product is called lead magnet and it can be a small eBook, 10 minute long video, coupon, discount etc. 


If you’re selling some kind of a coaching, your lead magnet could also be a free short coaching call where you or someone from your team can teach, show their expertise and ultimately, offer a whole coaching package you sell. 


You can offer this free product anywhere you want – blog, podcast, Youtube channel, Facebook group or with paid ads. 


I talk a lot more in-depth about this in my email marketing guide so you can check it out if you’d like. 


How to set this up?


From technical side, you’d need to set up a landing page to which people will go to after they click on your ad where you offer them a free product. Don’t worry, this is not too difficult to set up at all. With Clickfunnels page builder, you can create one in a minute or two. More about this in my full Clickfunnels review. 



Now, you may be thinking: “I can’t create an eBook/video!”.


This is not a big issue. What you can do is hire someone else to create a product for you or even buy a PLR product. 


PLR or Private Label Rights products are the ones created by other people that can be used by you for any kind of purpose – rebranded and sold, given away in exchange for emails etc. 


Sounds good? Let’s move on!

Actionetics Most Interesting Features


I’ll now go over some of the most interesting features that can really help you when using Actionetics. I won’t go over stuff like How to Add a Contact or anything like that, those are boring!


I don’t want you falling a sleep while reading this post so let’s go! 


Unlimited Contacts


I had to start off with this one. You may or may not know but the most of autoresponder services charge you based on how much contacts you have. For example, you may pay $20 per month for 1000 contacts, $50 for 2000, $100 for 5000 etc. 


But in case of Actionetics, there is no such thing. 


With this app, you can have as much contacts as you’d like with the price staying absolutely the same. 


This is great because I know a lot of marketers who have used other 3rd party email services and have built massive lists of 10,000 people yet they were making very little money and paying a hefty price every month because of the size of their list. Yes, this happens more often than you think! 




Because most of people focus more on the size of their list rather than the quality of it. To build a good quality list, you want to filter people who just want to grab their hands on your lead magnet and then leave from people who would like to hear more from you. One great way to do this is by using a double opt in. 


After that, you want to send them the right types of emails. More about this further on in the post.


To close this off, prices of other email services can go up to thousands of dollars per month if your list numbers tens of thousands of people. 


Action Score 


I’ve mentioned that Actionetics helps you find out a bit of info about your contacts but let me now get into even more juicy stuff. 


Using their feature called Action Score, you can see how much is each contact worth to your business.


The higher this score is, the more this contact is valuable to you. 


They determine this by seeing how often is that contact opening your emails, clicking your links, buying your products and memberships etc.  


Smart Lists


If you ever wish to filter some people on your list and create a new list with messages dedicated to that group of people, you could do that with Actionetics easily.


Using their feature called Smart Lists, you can create a list of people from another list based on the rules you set. For example, you may want people with the highest Action Score only on another list.      



Action Funnels 


This is where you can have your contacts go through a collection of steps you set up. For example, you may want a certain event to trigger them being moved from one list to another. 


This is great because you can automate all of this up with little hassle. 


These features above are all nice to have but they mean nothing if you don’t know what you’re doing and even how to make money with email marketing in the first place. 


This is why I now want to get into how to actually benefit from using Actionetics, the part all of you have been waiting for. 

How to Benefit from Actionetics


This question could also be how to benefit from email marketing in general.


I’ll not go again over the importance of having an email list but to put it simply, email list is the traffic you truly own and you can advertise to that audience whenever you want, for free!


Some autoresponders have different rules on which types of emails you can send like f.e. MailChimp doesn’t allow linking to affiliate products but there are no such limits with Actionetics. 


You can also split test your campaigns and boost conversions. 


To benefit from email marketing, you have to understand the industry itself. 


First of all, people receive over 100 emails every single day. This is why you have to stand out and make people actually want to open your emails leading us to headlines. 


According to OptinMonster, almost 50% of people open an email solely based on the headline alone and about 70% of people detect spam based on, you’ve guessed it – headlines!


Leveraging natural human tendencies is the best way to increase your email open rates. One of the ways to do is by adding the fear of missing out in your headlines. 


Last day to get xyz before it’s gone!

Tonight only!

You’re missing out on xyz!


Got it? Go check out the rest of their examples, they’re awesome!



This was on how to get people to open your emails. Let’s now talk a little about how to make the email itself effective and actually convert prospects into customers.  


Don’t forget the fact that in order to get your subscribers to open your emails on the long term, the emails itself have to be interesting. 


Keep in mind that the average person has to see a product about 7 times before buying it. Don’t expect all of your leads to convert on 3rd email.


Also note that you want to develop some special offers for your email subscribers only and make them feel special for being on your list. 


If you’re selling physical products, offering coupons or discounts can be a great idea. 


For those of you selling digital products like courses, educational emails are a must. Offering an occasional free training to your subscribers will give them a strong reason to stay on your list, especially if you’re providing a lot of valuable information in those free sessions. 


There are many types of emails you can send but the one that will set the stage for future success is a great welcome email. Unfortunately, just saying “Thank you for subscribing!” doesn’t work anymore. I think it never really did.


First impression matters. Same rules for first impressions that matter in a real life are important in the digital world as well.  


Besides linking to your lead magnet, in your welcome email, you should introduce yourself and your business.


This helps boost your credibility and position your business as a go-to company in your industry. 


Not only that but from the start you should also cover which types of emails will you be sending them later on and make them feel excited.    


After you understand this concept, there are no limits with your email campaigns. If you don’t have your products, promote affiliate offers. The rules are pretty much the same.  


Again, for more in-depth info about this topic, read my email marketing guide. This is the last time I mention it, I promise. 😀


With Actionetics, you can customize your emails and make them look great. This tool also uses separate SMTP service which decreases deliverability issues. In other words, your emails will land in prospect’s inbox more often. 


Combine a powerful tool with a trending industry and you’re on a good way on scaling your business through the roof.   

The Bad Side of Actionetics


Like with any other product out there, there are always a few bad things and now I will point the bad side of Actionetics. 


1. It’s tied to Clickfunnels 



Probably the thing I dislike the most about Actionetics and that is that you can’t use it as an individual tool. In order to use it, you have to buy Clickfunnels Platinum or Collective, both of which are pretty expensive.


Some people look at this point from a different perspective which is that it is great Clickfunnels has a system like this only for their customers but what if someone is already using another tool like f.e. LeadPages or Kartra and just wants to get his/her hands on this app?


Also, what about beginners who don’t have $297 to spend every month on one software?


In all honesty, I hope that they make it available for purchase individually, separated from Clickfunnels but at the time of writing this post, it’s not. So yeah, send this message to Russell Brunson and let’s make it happen!  


2. Takes time to learn how to use it


Unlike f.e. AWeber which is probably the software that takes the least amount of time to be figured out how to use to out there *IMO*, Actionetics is a bit longer learning curve.  


Yes, it doesn’t require coding and it’s fairly simple to use but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take time to digest all the features it has. With all the smart lists, action funnels and scores, it can be intimidating for many people. 


It’s not a major issue though, just go through their tutorials. However, the best way to learn how to use any tool is to actually dedicate some time to it and try things out.  

Closing Thoughts


Email marketing is an industry every marketer should tap into right now. There is still plenty of room for you to grab your piece of the pie which means that it’s far from being dead. 


However, you can’t do this without an email autoresponder and Actionetics is surely a great choice for anyone looking to build a sales funnel and a list of loyal customers.  


The tool is definitely flexible and can really help you understand you contacts’ behaviors and filter the ones that are the most valuable to your business.


It doesn’t come without it’s downsides though. By being completely tied to Clickfunnels, that would mean that you’d maybe have to replace your current marketing automation toolkit with Clickfunnels products.  


Again, to some this may be a downside but for others who are already ready to go all-in on Clickfunnels, it’s a great thing.  


clickfunnels update


I hope that this review had helped you learn something new about email marketing and decide if Actionetics is the right tool for you. If you’re still indecisive, just test it!


Clickfunnels offers you a 14 day free trial so that you can have time to explore and play around with the software.  


And if you do decide to buy the software, I have some nice bonuses to give you if you do that through my referral link. 


This is just a small way of me thanking you for trusting my content and crediting me by becoming my referral. Go here to find out my bonuses. 


Anyway, whatever decision you’ve made, I hope that you’d liked this post. If you did, make sure to click that little Like button below because that action shows Google’s algorithm that this site produces helpful content and therefore, it shows it to more people who need help. 


Also, leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns and I will reply as quickly as I can. Have an awesome day!


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