You and I can agree that out of all digital marketing niches out there, affiliate marketing is definitely surrounded by most controversy, misinformation and fake gurus. 


There are also thousands of affiliate marketing courses, most of which contain bad and outdated information. It’s hard to find a really good course nowadays.


But as someone who is ready to invest time, effort and some money into affiliate marketing, you need the right guidance. This is probably why you are here. 


Is Affiliate Bootcamp the right training for you? Is information provided actually helpful?


Today, I’ll do a review of this program and answer all of your questions. 


Content Table:

  1. What is Affiliate Bootcamp
  2. Who created Affiliate Bootcamp
  3. How did Affiliate Bootcamp help me
  4. Best lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp
  5. What I don’t like about Affiliate Bootcamp
  6. Conclusion


Let’s jump right in!     

What is Affiliate Bootcamp  


Affiliate Bootcamp is an extensive affiliate marketing training program where Russell Brunson and 15 other super affiliates share their strategies and how had they personally achieved their affiliate marketing goals, specifically talking about promoting Clickfunnels. 


Each of these people has had a different approach in doing things but all of them had significant results. 


This program is made specifically for those people who want to promote Clickfunnels and earn affiliate commissions but in reality, knowledge and methods shared inside can be applied to pretty much any product in any niche. 


There is a vast amount of different strategies being shared here, from SEO and Youtube to Facebook and social media.  


Affiliate Bootcamp is free but you don’t get access to all of the interviews at once. This is why the free version is tricky. 


The free program is split into 5 day email series. Every day you’ll get an email with a few interviews and then you’ll have 24 hour access to them. After 24 hours, those interviews will be locked and new interviews will arrive at your inbox. 


So a free version of the Affiliate Bootcamp is not like a full course where you have access to a dashboard with all the videos, it’s more of an email sequence which can annoy some people. 


However, after you register for the free version, you’ll immediately be upsold the One Funnel Away Challenge. If you buy this upsell for the price of $100, THEN you will have full access to the Bootcamp’s “paid” version with the dashboard and all of the videos, along with all the goodies that come with the OFA Challenge. There is no option to buy the Affiliate Bootcamp itself. 


Here is how the dashboard looks like:  


I know. This kind of structuring is weird. 


However, weird or not, this training still provides a lot of value and it’s probably the best affiliate marketing training I’ve ever went through. I’d gotten access to this program when I bought the OFA Challenge – without even realizing it for first few days – and I had went through this program once my OFA session was over. More about that later in the post.

Who Created Affiliate Bootcamp


Now that I’ve covered what Affiliate Bootcamp is, it’s time to reveal the names that are involved.  


You could read them from the screenshot I’ve added above but here is the full list of names (I’ll also link their personal websites, if they have any):


Quite a list, right? 


Many of these people now run 8-figure businesses and are recognizable names in the industry so if you were questioning the legitimacy of the Bootcamp, all your questions should be answered by now.  

My Take on the Affiliate Bootcamp 


As I’ve mentioned above, I’d took on this course after finishing my OFA session. Initially I’d signed up for the OFA in hopes of improving my affiliate marketing business but the course is more geared towards the people who want to sell their own products. 


Once I was done with the OFA, I’d started going through the Affiliate Bootcamp. This occurred in the winter of 2019, right when I started to make my first Clickfunnels commissions. Yay!


However, although a few commissions was sweet, I’d realized that I was spending too much time on Messenger talking with people. In fact, I was checking my phone every 10 minutes in hopes of receiving a reply from people I’d cold-messaged. 


While Facebook is definitely a goldmine when it comes to connections and leads, for me, it was honestly a bit too much of a hassle. 


Adding the fact that doing business on Facebook always carries the risk of being randomly shut down for no reason (and this happens more often than you think), I knew it was the time to change my approach. I wanted to be a full owner of my business, not Facebook. 


Don’t get me wrong, you can earn A LOT of money on Facebook but I just felt that it wasn’t for me. I didn’t like being “out there” so much, doing all of those lives, posting and messaging. This doesn’t mean that I definitely won’t come back in the future though, maybe I change my mind. 


I always knew that starting a blog takes work. I’d started one before in the MMO niche, reviewing different courses and it didn’t end up good. In fact, my first blog sucked. 


This is why I was a bit anxious when I was about to start another one. I wanted proper guidance this time so that I don’t make so many mistakes like I did on my first blog. 


I later found out that Greg Jeffries, one of the Affiliate Bootcampers, runs a Clickfunnels niche blog and had referred more than 100 active members, winning him a Dream Car award. 


And it’s that same Greg Jeffries who teaches exactly how he had built that site that earned him so much money inside this program.


It’s not just him though. Jacob Caris has also built a niche site that won him his Dream Car award. He also teaches how to build a successful blog.   


I watched, I consumed and I finally decided to start IM Geekz by the end of November of 2019. 


Where will I end up with this blog? I don’t know. 


What I do now is that I will keep updating this site with my progress with Clickfunnels affiliate program. 


I know this is not so crazy of a story but this program really helped me get out of my comfort zone and do something that I am not used to. When it comes to the results themselves, building a real blog takes A LOT of time, definitely over a year, so I have yet to see if I will achieve something worthwhile.    

Best Lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp


Before I get into some of the best parts of this program, I’d like to share what I personally like about the program. 


1. Jam-packed with value


There is so much great information being shared inside. I know that almost all people that teach inside this Bootcamp have their own paid masterclasses that cost thousands of dollars. Some of them also offer consulting services. 


For example, an hour-long call with Spencer Mecham, top Clickfunnels affiliate, costs $447. 


You’re getting information from people running 6,7 or 8 figure businesses, not some random self-proclaimed experts you can find on Instagram or Youtube. 


By the way, my Instagram feed is so full of spammy, recycled content from financial experts that it’s ridiculous. So. Much. Misinformation. 


Anyway, just know that whatever you learn from this program, it’s a real deal. 


2. You can get it for free


Yeah, I know. You have to pay money for the full version but you can still watch all the interviews, you just have to wait for a few days to see them all. 


However, there is a bad side with this, of course. I’ll mention it in a second. 


3. Simple to follow


Not only is the advice found inside this program valuable but it’s also very simple to understand and even if you’re brand new, with no previous affiliate marketing experience,  you can follow their advice. 


With that being said, what is some of the best advice being shared inside?  


As I’ve said, my personal favorites are lessons from Greg Jeffries and Jacob Caris. At the time of starting this blog, I was studying SEO extensively and their advice came in very handy. 


They also gave me the confidence boost I needed in order to start this blog. 


Watching Greg’s lesson was particularly interesting because he has such a chill personality that it’s unbelievable.  


Although both of them are teaching SEO, Jacob’s method are different than Greg’s. With Jacob, he focuses more on the quality of the content and Greg more on the quantity


Jacob is also very active on Facebook. He has an entire paid masterclass that teaches how to make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook. 


Inside his lesson, he teaches how to build a Facebook community and a blog. He also goes into Youtube videos.  


What are some other great lessons?


Let’s start from the beginning with the man responsible for everything, Russell Brunson. His lesson is a must-see. Even if you don’t watch any other lessons, this one will be enough. 


Russell talks about niching down and finding an audience that you can help the most and then focusing on serving just that audience.  


He refers to this process as finding your own “blue ocean”.


What I really like about promoting Clickfunnels specifically is that all you have to do on your end is just bring them a lead. After that, all the selling is done by Russell and his team.


And you get a commission for every sale their hard work on the backend brings. 


I am not saying that bringing leads in is easy, far from it. But when you have a clear step-by-step, at least it’s simple.  


Spencer Mecham’s take is also invaluable. He made his fortune from his Youtube channel and this is why he focuses mostly on it in his lesson.  


But Bogdan, I am uncomfortable being on camera and recording videos!


You can always start a blog! I personally enjoy writing and I try to improve my writing skills with every new post I publish. 


However, although it can be slightly more uncomfortable in the beginning, Youtube videos can rank much faster than blog posts can on Google, which leads to faster results.


In addition, after a few dozen videos, you may even start to like it. Who knows?


Anyway, action is what will lead you to do that, not thinking or guessing. Yes, learning is important but implementing what you’ve learned is crucial. 


Moving on, the last lesson I’ll cover from this Bootcamp is from Steve Larsen. I’ll leave it on to check out the rest of the lessons. 


Steve was the main guy for building funnels for Clickfunnels company for about 2 years and then he moved on and started his own business which crossed 7 figures in 13 months. 


He says that he still loves affiliate marketing and that it’s the way he made his first dollar online. What he teaches is how to build your own unique affiliate offer that will stand out from the competitors.  


Other than that, he is one overenergetic guy and I am sure that you will have fun watching him. 


Before we proceed, I’d like to also point that there is a 186-page-long pdf version of the entire program. Inside it, you can find some of the content that it’s not available in videos like f.e. additional tips from Julie Stoian.


This eBook is available only for those who have access to the full version of Bootcamp.   

What I Don’t Like About Affiliate Bootcamp  


1. Restrictions in free version


As someone who has access to the full version, there aren’t really a lot of things to complain about. 


After all, I didn’t have to go through the struggle of having to consume a few hour-long videos in 24 hours just so I don’t miss them. 


This is definitely my first and biggest complaint.


2. Analysis – paralysis 


I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I entered the Bootcamp – I wanted to build a blog. However, that is not the case for most of people. 


If you’re just starting out, chances are that you’re struggling with picking your path and that is totally understandable. 


You don’t know if you want to do Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. This is why so many people are stuck in the same place for years – out of all the rush, excitement and results they see from other people, they try to do everything. 


What I advise you to do is NOT follow all 15 lessons in this course. You can go through them but stick to only one main strategy. 


If that’s blogging, stick to it. Not just for a week but for months and years to come. 


If you love creating videos, great! Go to Youtube, start a channel and publish videos consistently.


Each and every one of us is different and worked for f.e. Spencer Mecham might not work for you. 



Affiliate Bootcamp is definitely one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. It’s amazing that this kind of content is available for free, although not totally free. 


I’d like to add that buying into the full version by paying for the One Funnel Away Challenge is definitely worth it. For $100, you get access to two phenomenal programs. 


Anyway, if you’re an aspiring affiliate marketer or even someone who is experienced, this course can definitely be of help. Whether you want to promote Clickfunnels or other products, strategies shared inside can be implemented to reach your goals. 


That’s it! If you liked this review, click that little Like button below as a sign of appreciation. Make sure to leave a comment if you have any questions. 


If you’re ready to take the course, here is the registration link. Having that said, have an awesome day!   


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