Over 120.000 small businesses and entrepreneurs trust this small yet a bit pricey piece of automation software since 1998. But why?


What is AWeber and what does it exactly do? Is AWeber really that good? What are it’s bad sides? Is it even worth investing in an email software?


In this article, I’ll dive deep into the topic of AWeber, everything that it can do, the good and bad and finally, who can benefit mostly from it. 


Content table:

  1. Why Invest in an Email Marketing Software
  2. AWeber Quick Overview
  3. AWeber Most Interesting Features
  4. The Good Side of AWeber
  5. The Bad Side of AWeber
  6. Who is AWeber for
  7. Who is AWeber Not for
  8. Closing Thoughts 


Let’s get right into it!       

Why Invest in an Email Marketing Software


Some of you reading this may be wondering – why spend your hard earned money on a piece of software in the first place?


For starters, every business or an individual needs a way to stay in touch with their prospects and customers. In other words, it needs to have a developed CRM system.


In fact, businesses have reported a 74% better relationship with their customers by implementing a CRM system and almost 30% increase in sales. 


The specific type of CRM we’re going to talk about, email, is one that is not expensive to run and can produce up to $40 for every $1 spent.


Email marketing industry is estimated to hit almost $23 billion in market value by 2025. As of today, people check their email inbox about 20 times per day and over 90% of people over the age of 15 use email, according to OptinMonster.


So for all of you screaming: “Email marketing is dead!”, it’s obviously not. It’s just you who needs to learn better how email marketing works. I have articles that teach that on this site.


To answer the original question, email marketing software is something you need to use if you want to run email marketing campaigns, unless you plan to send thousands of emails manually. 


This kind of software will help you collect email addresses and store them on something called an email list and then, send automated sequences of messages to those same people with just a few pushes of a button. 


When you have a list of people that you know are interested in specific information or products in your industry, it’s basically free advertising. You can message them whatever you want, whenever you want.   


AWeber Quick Overview


AWeber is an email marketing software launched in 1998 by Tom Kulzer who was only 21 years old at the time. 


The software used to rule the email marketing world for quite some time before new competitors started jumping in and making names for themselves. Although it seemed like the company fell behind, AWeber has always been a reliable email marketing service. 


It’s the best known for it’s simplicity of use and an awesome support staff.  


AWeber Most Interesting Features 


Smart designer  


This one is pretty cool. What it does is collecting information from your website using it’s AI and then turning it into customized, branded email templates that you can further use.


All it takes for the app to take care of it’s work is you entering your website’s URL in it. After you do that, in a couple of seconds, you’ll have your branded email templates.


How does this app do this? 


AI from this app will scan your website in search of any kind of information that can be useful for creating an email template that’s unique to you and your brand. It will scan logos, imagery, colors etc.  


Here are some templates it made for this blog!



My theme is pretty basic so the looks aren’t anything special but it’s awesome that we have the ability to create branded emails with our logos in a couple of seconds. 


Great thing is that even if you don’t have a website, you can use your Facebook page or Instagram profile.  


Campaign editor 


Another feature they’ve just recently added. This is where you’re actually going to create your campaigns that will be sent automatically once they’re triggered by a certain event like f.e. subscribing to your list.


Here is the inside look:



This app has a “drag and drop” editor that helps you to create your campaigns without all the messy coding and headaches. You simply pick an action you want to add to your campaign and then drag it to the editor. 


The first important part of every campaign of your’s is the trigger. What event will trigger the sending of your message to your list?


For this specific example above, the trigger is subscribing to a list. Other triggers could be tags which are applied to a subscriber on your list after a certain event f.e. after reading a certain email. 


It may sound a bit complicated at the beginning but this app is pretty easy to get a hand of. AWeber also has a bunch of tutorials on their blog on their features and email marketing in general. 


Landing page builder


For those of you who may not know, a landing page is a web page where a consumer lands, usually from a social media channel or Google, and is asked to complete an action. This action can be scheduling a phone call, entering an email address or others.


Without a landing page, you can’t collect emails. You don’t need an entire website but a simple web page that has an email form and some content on it. 


A lot of landing page builders are expensive and take a separate learning curve which is why having a page builder and an autoresponder in the same software can save you a lot of money and time.  



Now, this is also a new feature and AWeber used to be solely an email autoresponder for years until they’ve added this app a few months ago. In addition to that, more and more people are looking for “all in one” marketing solutions instead of having to use dozens of different software for their marketing.


This is why I am sure they will keep developing and updating this app from now on. However, although it lacks a lot of features one might look for in a landing page builder like f.e. split testing, they’ve done a pretty good job so far.  


Great data reporting


AWeber is pretty good at giving you all the crucial data about your email marketing efforts – subscribers over time, open rates, click-through rates, revenue etc. 


You’re already working hard on giving the best user experience to your email subscribers and you surely don’t want any more headaches from stuff like not knowing exactly how your email campaign went.  


Those types of headaches won’t be present when using AWeber.   



These were some of the interesting features AWeber offers. I’ll now get into the pros and cons of the software and company as a whole. 

The Good Side of AWeber


Amazing support


AWeber’s customer support efforts have won multiple awards and for a good reason. 


When experiencing issues, they always reply quickly to your emails and they also have live chat and phone support. A bonus to this is that technical issues occur very rarely. 


This means that you won’t have problems so often and even when you do, they will be handled quickly and properly.   


User experience


Last year, when I had no clue what email marketing was and when I just wanted to send some emails and see how it goes, I wasn’t looking for some advanced software but an autoresponder that is pretty straightforward when it comes to ease of use – and I got it with AWeber. 


AWeber platform is pretty easy to navigate and you can get a hand of it pretty quickly, as I’ve mentioned a few paragraphs back in the post. 


When you’re just getting started with email marketing and you’re on your own with no team or employees, you don’t really care about having a powerful machine, you just want some affordable tool to test things out, at least that was the case for me.


AWeber doesn’t come with so many advanced features and it has just enough stuff so that users don’t get overwhelmed. For some, this may sound awesome but for others, it may not. I’ll get into that in just a second. 

The Bad Side of AWeber 


Like every other product out there, AWeber also has it’s bad sides. Many of these some people consider as bigger issues. Personally, I don’t mind them that much but you’ll have to take a look yourself. 


Outdated design


Great design is proven to bring in more conversions and sales to a business and AWeber… well, they don’t do so well with it. 


The platform itself looks a bit outdated and boring and it also has a lot of email templates that share these features, even though they’ve added a new AI designer.    



Some people don’t mind this, others do but the fact is that if you want a software with awesome-looking templates, AWeber may not be your best bet.   


Pricing is a bit unfair


AWeber pricing starts at $19 per month for only 500 subscribers and then going all the way to $149 per month for up to 25.000 subscribers. As you can see, this price can get high and for many people, this can become a problem. 



Thing that really stinks here is that people that unsubscribe from your list at some point (and people will always unsubscribe, no matter how great or awesome your emails are), AWeber still counts them in the price.


This is why you’ll often end up spending some time on cleaning up your list, once it grows to a certain size. 


AWeber is a nice software but it doesn’t offer as advanced features as f.e. ActiveCampaign do, yet they are still priced almost exactly the same, bringing us to…


Lacks advanced features


Other than a nice AI designer, AWeber doesn’t offer much advanced features when it comes to email testing and automations. 


Add this to the outdated design and it can really make you wonder why AWeber costs so much.   

Who is AWeber for  


1. Bloggers/Affiliates


AWeber is a pretty sweet tool for individuals who own blogs or other publishing channels. It comes with an auto-newsletter feature which can automatically update your email list with your new piece of content.


Thanks to it’s ease-of-use and allowance of promoting affiliate products, content distributors can greatly benefit from AWeber. 


2. Small businesses  


What makes AWeber great for small businesses is that it has multiple different tools within one software which can save a lot of money. Most of small businesses can’t afford expensive software and complex CRM systems which is why a simple email tool like AWeber is a perfect fit. 


It is also very simple to use hence why there is no need to hire a marketing staff to run your campaigns. 


3. Self-employed/Freelancers


This counts all people who are the only employees of their company. They could be doctors, lawyers, accountants etc. 


These people don’t really need an advanced software, just a simple one that can help them stay in touch with their leads. 


4. People just starting out


For people just getting their feet wet in this whole digital marketing craziness, AWeber may even be the best fit out of all. As I’ve stated before in the post, this is because AWeber is super easy to use. 


The thing is, people from the categories above can also fit in this category which is just an added point to this discussion.  


After you get some experience, build a solid list and make some money, you can freely switch to other software which offers you even more tools and features.     


Who is AWeber NOT for  


Let’s now discuss a group of people who may not find much use in AWeber and it’s features.   


However, note that this is mostly my personal opinion as a reviewer. There is no one-size-fits-all. For some of the people I’ve said they would find use in AWeber, that may not be the case. 


The same goes for this category. You may have read here or in the other reviews that AWeber is not for you. Then you decide to try it anyway and end up falling in love with the software. 


With that being said, let’s move on.  


1. Advanced email marketers


Advanced marketers want more advanced software which is why I believe AWeber is not the best fit for them. 


AWeber is simple and it doesn’t have many complex and advanced features a lot of marketers may look for.   


2. People looking for the best tool on a budget


Looking to get the most bang out of your buck?


The look no further than… off this page. Unfortunately, AWeber is priced as high as other competitors yet doesn’t offer nearly as much, as I’ve already said above. 


Other software like f.e. MailerLite offer similar features for a much cheaper price so if you’re very conscious of your spending, go check out that piece of software.   

Closing Thoughts    


Since the beginning of the email marketing era, AWeber has been a reliable solution for marketers. However, in the last couple of years, no serious updates had been made on their side, leaving the opportunity for other competitors to swoop in and offer new features for a similar price which drove many people away from AWeber. 


Having that said, it is still a great tool. If you don’t mind the price and the fact that it’s not as flexible as some of the other popular software on the market, you can try it out. They offer a 30 day free trial which is more than enough time for you to make your decision.   


That’s it! Hope that you’ve enjoyed this review. If you did, make sure to hit that little Like button below the text and also comment and share this post with your friends. This will show Google’s algorithm that this site produces helpful content and therefore, Google will show it to more people who need help.


Have an awesome day! *outro music*      


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