One of the biggest reasons why Clickfunnels stands out in the marketing software industry is the dedication from their leader, Russell Brunson, and his team towards helping every single one of their users become marketing and sales funnel experts before even starting to use the tool!


This is why Clickfunnels offers a lot of courses, both free and paid, to everyone, regardless if they’re a member or not. 


Today I’ll talk about the best of the best of those courses. I’ll also cover courses from people who have succeeded with Clickfunnels and now teach others how to do it. I’ll start off with free ones and then go all the way up the ladder. 


In this post, I’ll cover:

  1. 5 Ways to Monetize Clickfunnels by Doug Boughton
  2. A-Z Clickfunnels Course by Spencer Mecham
  3. 30 Days Summit
  4. Clickfunnels and Sales Funnels Mastery by Kevin David
  5. One Funnel Away Challenge 
  6. Funnel Builder Secrets


All of these are awesome courses and I can’t wait to cover them all, let’s rock!

ofa platinum
5 Ways to Monetize Clickfunnels by Doug Boughton 


I’ll start off with this one because it’s this course that actually helped me start making money online as a Clickfunnels affiliate. Prior to promoting Clickfunnels, I was only earning measly $5-$10 commissions promoting other products from Warrior Plus and I wasn’t even doing it the right way. 


My sales were very rare so my earnings were pretty much close to non existent. I was focusing on just putting my links everywhere and creating below average content instead of actually helping people and creating great content. 


This course helped me learn how to make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook and I’ve quickly started to see sales coming in:



Sure, it’s nothing serious for now but this is only a start since I’ve started promoting Clickfunnels very recently. I will constantly post updates on my earning on this blog. 


Anyway, back to the course. What does it teach?


Just as the name says, the course teaches 5 different ways you can make money with Clickfunnels and those methods are selling funnel design, selling your own product, selling a service, starting a digital marketing agency and affiliate marketing which is what I am doing.


The course was created by Doug Boughton, Clickfunnels Dream Car winner and multiple 6-figure affiliate marketer. He has managed to build his affiliate business by helping people get out of debt with Clickfunnels. 


The course is free but don’t underestimate it because you’ll get so much value from it. You will see it when you first start listening to this man. He is so transparent and honest and really does care about his students. 


Benefits of this course:

  • Covers 5 different methods to monetize Clickfunnels
  • Goes in-depth on explaining each of these methods individually
  • Can start making money pretty much instantly after understanding and implementing what Doug teaches
  • It’s free


Cons of this program:

  • I don’t really find any… The only thing you may notice is that it doesn’t really teach how sales funnels work in-depth like other programs such as, for example, One Funnel Away challenge
doug boughton clickfunnels course


A-Z Clickfunnels Course by Spencer Mecham


Spencer Mecham is the number 1 affiliate of Clickfunnels and in this free course of his, he targets specifically beginners that want to get started. 


Most of his courses overall are free, except his Affiliate Secrets 2.0 which is paid (and expensive). 


Other than that, this course is another great resource for people who can barely even afford Clickfunnels to begin with and are looking for some cheap ways to learn how to get things done. I mean, the content inside both of the courses I’ve mentioned so far is awesome and I don’t want to disrespect these people’s work. 


The content inside is great for any level but most of it is geared towards beginners with a low budget. 


Benefits of this program:

  • 14 awesome lessons on how to get a hand of Clickfunnels
  • Comes from a 7-figure earner who openly shares his strategies on how to get started


Cons of this program:

spencer mecham course
30 Days Summit
This program is not really a course but a collection of interviews with various Clickfunnels multi-millionaires or so called 2 Comma Club members. This is a club for people who have made a million or more dollars with one funnel made with Clickfunnels, hence the name “2 Comma Club”. 
This club currently has over 200 members and the most of members are just regular folks who have just focused on making one funnel work and boom – magic happened.  
And a 30 day summit is basically a collection of interviews made with these people. The topic was what would they do if they suddenly lost everything and had to start from scratch in the next 30 days.
It’s pretty interesting to look at different answers these people give. All of them are pure value and if you’d like to hear advice from people who are into various industries, this is a great program for you.
This program is also free! What I’d recommend for people wanting to dedicate their time to this program is to listen to all of these people, pick a few that share similar advice and follow that one direction. Don’t try to do everything you hear inside of that program.
Benefits of this program: 
  • Collection of interviews with great minds
  • Comes with variety of different, valuable advice
  • It’s free


Cons of this program:

  • It’s not a step-by-step blueprint that solely teaches one thing. It’s more of a collection of different advice from different people from different industries, it’s easy to get lost and try to do everything which will ultimately result in not doing anything at all. 


clickfunnels 30 day summit
Clickfunnels and Sales Funnel Mastery by Kevin David


Kevin David is an 8-figure eCommerce seller and Clickfunnels Dream Car winner. In his course which costs $12 on Udemy (not free but, I mean, it’s $12. c’mon), he teaches everything you need to know about how to start using Clickfunnels to sell your products. 


Kevin has launched a bunch of different high-end courses with the most popular one being his Amazon FBA course.


Back to his Clickfunnels course, Kevin also gives away free funnel templates that you can use for building your own funnels and sell your own products which is awesome. 


Personally, when I get a chance to listen to an 8-figure entrepreneur, I am like a sponge, absorbing everything. This course is an absolute must if you’re into eCommerce. 


Benefits of the course:

  • Amazing value on how to sell your products
  • Free funnel templates


Cons of this course:

  • None


kevin david
One Funnel Away Challenge
This one is gold. One Funnel Away challenge (or OFA) is a 30 day step-by-step program that teaches exactly how to set up a funnel and publish it. Each day, you unlock a new video that teaches a certain topic and then, at the end of the video, you get a certain task to accomplish by the end of the day. 
Program is ran by Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian. Every day, Russell will teach you a lesson first and after that, Stephen will do live training where he covers the lesson from Russell and answers questions. Finally, Julie will then show you how to actually complete her task you were given on her computer.
This is my favorite online course and for a good reason – it’s inexpensive but you get so much more value from it that it’s amazing. 
Benefits of this course:
  • Step-by-step blueprint on how to build a sales funnel, even if you have no prior experience
  • Teaches how to influence an audience and grab their attention
  • Teaches how to sell anything to anyone
  • Contains a plan on what to do after your funnel is done and also what to do if it fails


Cons of this program:

  • Not going in-depth on some topics like f.e. copywriting
ofa challenge
Funnel Builder Secrets


Onto the most expensive but also the best program on this list – Funnel Builder Secrets. This is a program for people ready to go all in. 


This is not really an individual course but a course bundle containing some of the best information about sales funnels on the planet. 


With this program, you get 3 courses – Funnel Hacks Masterclass, Funnel Builder Secrets and Traffic Secrets. First one teaches how to find competitor’s funnels, build a better funnel and steal their customers. Second one covers in-depth how to build a funnel and the third goes in-depth on driving traffic. 


Besides these 3 courses, you’ll get 6-12 months of free Clickfunnels Platinum (depending on the package you choose) and 12 months of Funnel Scripts for free (this is a copywriting software that creates sales scripts for you).


There are two FBS packages – one is $1997 and the other one is $2997. The only difference between the two is the amount of months you get a free Clickfunnels subscription. With the first package, you get 6 months of free Clickfunnels account and with the second one, you get 12 months of Clickfunnels for free.


To get an inside look of these products, you can watch Russell Brunson’s presentation on FBS. 


Benefits of the program:

  • Everything you need to build a sales funnel. No detail is left out, every single topic is covered in-depth
  • You get Clickfunnels and Funnel Scripts for free
  • The chance of failure after going through this program is almost non existent, unless you don’t take action


Cons of this program:

  • Expensive, not anybody can afford it


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I am happy to answer all of your questions. Have a great day!


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