If there’s one thing Builderall is famous for, that’s the overwhelming number of features they offer under one small monthly-charged price. 


Another lesser-known thing Builderall company likes to do is update their software often. While this is definitely a big plus, tracking all these changes can be challenging some times. 


When it comes to their pricing, they’d recently made big changes as well, now having 5 plans instead of the traditional 3 they had for years. 


In this short post, I’ll cover all of those plans quickly including their price – obviously – and the features that come with each of them. 


And by the end of this small review, I’ll give you a special bonus. Let’s jump right in!

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Builderall Pricing Plans


In total, there are 5 available Builderall plans, one of which is absolutely free and with others being really affordable. When it comes to the all-in-one software, this is the cheapest you can get. 


Here are the plans:

builderall pricing plans


Free Plan   


Costing zero dollars per month, this plan can seem like a too-good-to-be-true deal for beginners, having almost everything you need for starting your online business.  


However, everything that’s price-free has some other kind of cost to it. 


In this particular case, you can’t have a fully set-up website with this plan. To get more specific, you can’t have a domain. 


This really depends on what you want to use Builderall for. If you don’t need a domain then this plan is great for you. 


You get access to MailingBoss, Builderall’s autoresponder, and are able to have up to 100 subscribers on your list. This amount should be enough for you to start making some sales from your business, if you’re building your email list the right way of course.


Ticketing support is great and they do reply in 24 hours. Live chat is luxury you don’t get with this plan but ticketing should be enough. 


To sum it up, this plan is a good option for beginners but I’d suggest moving to a paid plan as soon as possible. 


Builder Plan – $19 per month


At the first look, there is no big difference between this plan and the free plan but you’re wrong, there are. Two. 


First one is a domain which means branding. You’re able to set up a full domain other than using yoursite.builderall.com. This is especially important for people who want to run sites like f.e. a blog because a domain is one of the key factors to branding online. 


Other key feature is live chat. When having a problem you need to resolve quickly like f.e. your site is down, live chat can help you come to a solution quickly and is much more helpful than ticketing. 


These two are the biggest but other than them, you also get access to their funnel building tool and ability to do split testing (both of which are coming soon). 



Marketer Plan – $29 per month  


In my opinion, this plan is the best option of the all five for entrepreneurs like affiliate marketers and freelancers. In other words, people who want to make good money but don’t yet have a team.


It’s not expensive at all nor it’s restricted too much. 


You get much bigger space in your MailingBoss account – you’re able to have up to 5,000 subscribers on your email list.


Just for additional $10 per month, I believe that 4,900 more subscribers is really worth it.  


Essential Plan – $49 per month 


For $20 more per month, you get 10,000 more email subscribers and Messenger and website chatbots


These little bots can help you automate sequences of messages from your Facebook page and your website. 


While it does take time to get a hang of them, chatbots can really help improve you customer’s overall experience with your business.   


Premium Plan – $69 per month


Here it is, the granddaddy of them all. Who should consider this plan with a bit intimidating price tag?


Well, this plan is not really for individuals. It’s more for online entrepreneurs that have a few people working for that like f.e. a VA. 


This plan is the only one that has eCommerce features. Thanks to Builderall’s partnership with Magento, you’re able to create an eCommerce store with Builderall Premium. 


Another big feature that only this plan has is the ability to run webinars. If done correctly, a webinar can be the highest converting piece of content in your business. However, it’s also the most difficult piece of content to master. 


For people that are experts in a certain field and are looking to share their knowledge – and get paid – in a form of a digital course, there is an app inside Builderall Premium called eLearning. With this app, you can create an online course and add features such as f.e. a test for your students. 


When it comes to MailingBoss, this is the only plan that allows you to import already existing lists. However, it can’t be done instantly, the list has to be first reviewed by their team. 


You’re also able to have unlimited amount of subscribers on your email list. You’ll also get a free funnel every week to help you build those lists inside of their Funnel Club.  



Before we wrap up, I’d like to answer a question some of you might have. 


Is Builderall worth it?


My answer is yes. Although you’re probably never going to use some of it’s apps because there are just too many of them, I still believe that they deliver value bigger than their price tag. 


Note that I don’t say that this is the best platform for entrepreneurs, far from it. If you want a high-end service for f.e. webinars or funnels, you’d probably want to look the other way.


But if you’re low on cash and want a good bang for your buck, look into Builderall. Now that you went through this short guide, you should know which plan is for you. 


Also, if you’re just starting out and just want to make some extra cash per month, my bonuses could help you do that. 


I do give out a few online marketing and make money online courses for those of whom decide to join Builderall through my affiliate link so go check them out if you’re interested. 


Time for the wrap up because I’ve covered pretty much everything you need to know when buying Builderall. Of course, if you feel anything is left out, make sure to leave a comment down below and I’ll get back to you with answers to your questions. 


Other than that, have an awesome day!


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