Advertised as a complete online business software that can manage your entire online business at a very low cost, Builderall took the market by storm in the last couple of years. 


After it’s foundation in 2011 by Eric Salgado, Builderall now has over 40.000 users and is still growing every day but with all this buzz, it begs the question – is Builderall really worth both the time and money?


In this post, I’ll do a comprehensive review of the platform. I’ll give you an inside look, ways to use the platform, pros and cons etc.


Content table: 

  1. Why Invest in a Business and Marketing Software
  2. Builderall Quick Overview
  3. My Personal Journey with Builderall
  4. Dive into Builderall – How it Works
  5. What I Like and Don’t Like about Builderall
  6. How to Benefit from Builderall 
  7. Builderall Pricing
  8. Builderall Pros and Cons


Ready? Let’s dive in!

Why Invest in a Business and Marketing Software?


Before I get into the review, I’d like to first cover why would you even consider investing your money and time into business and marketing management tools. 


The software industry has exploded in the past few years and for a good reason – they save a business a ton of time and money. In fact, just a few software or even one can replace a lot of employees and do all of their work. It’s that powerful.  


Software products can help large corporations handle their marketing campaigns, manage data and do other complex tasks at a lower cost than hiring employees. These products also help small businesses and individuals who can’t afford hiring a team get started with online marketing and share their message. 


They can help you establish an online presence, set up your marketing campaigns, collect leads for your business and sell your products. Now, the thing is that you would need multiple software to do these tasks but here we got a case of one product whose owners claim can do all of that. One software – Builderall.  


Let’s now get into the review and see if Builderall really is an “all in one solution” for businesses. 


Builderall Quick Overview


First of all, what is Builderall exactly?


Builderall is a business management software with 30+ apps that can pretty much do everything marketing related – there are apps for creating websites and sales funnels, running email marketing campaigns, webinars, creating online courses, videos, magazines etc.  


It comes at an affordable price and is one of the most inexpensive business management software on the market. They even offer you a free plan that comes with a lot of it’s apps – a lot of their competitors would never do that.  


Builderall doesn’t just come with tools. It also comes with various types of training, whether it’s beginner level training or advanced, and you can use that training to build a business on Builderall. 


It also comes with a great support staff, live chat and a huge Facebook community of 50.000+ members who actively engage and help each other. We’ll get into the details in just a second. 

My Personal Journey with Builderall  


I joined Builderall in March 2019 and was using it for 6 months. Now, the reason I’ve joined was because I wanted to get familiar with the product and then promote it as an affiliate. 


Builderall has had and still has a lucrative affiliate program. They pay 100% commission per sale and then, since it’s recurring, 30% commission every month as long as the person you’ve referred stays a customer. In addition, if your customer refers someone else to Builderall and that person buys, you also get 30% commission from that sale (only not the first month since 100% goes to the affiliate that sold the product).


Seems a bit messy? Okay, let’s break it down. 


Let’s say that John has joined Builderall. He invited his friend Mike who got interested and bought Builderall through John’s link. John gets 100% of all money Mike spent on a product. Mike wants to use the product for, let’s say, 6 months. John will get 30% of the rest 5 payments Mike makes since payments are made every month for a subscription. 


Mike also has a friend James with similar interests and invites him to Builderall. Mike gets 100% commission from James’s purchase and James wants to say for 4 months. Mike will get 100% of the first month’s payment and 30% of the other 3 payments James will make. In addition, John will also get 30% of James’s last 3 payments as well. Got it?


This is how the program worked then and it still works like this now. Pretty cool, right?


This is why I’ve joined the program and wanted to learn the best ways to promote Builderall as an affiliate. Unfortunately, I was a newbie then and have just wasted my money trying to promote the software without any marketing skills. I am still not some kind of a guru or a big deal but at least I know how to sell a product as an affiliate, as I’ve shown in my Clickfunnels review. 


The thing I didn’t know back then was how to actually help people benefit from using Builderall. Now, things are a little bit different. So, let me show you how.

Deep Dive into Builderall 


It’s now time to cover everything about Builderall – features, the company, benefits, what I and other users like, what we don’t like etc.  


Builderall – Inside Look


First of all, I want to walk you through the platform and then talk about how it works, all the features, training they have for you and finally, how to benefit from it etc.


Here is the interface you’ll see once you log in. This image is taken from an account that was on free 14 day trial at that moment. Note that while you’re on a free trial, you get access to most of the platform and you don’t need to enter credit card information to create a free account – just your email and password. 



This is the dashboard. From here, you can see all the apps you’ve installed in your account. To install more apps, just click on the big button that says Install more tools or click on Apps button on the header. There are 30+ apps in Builderall, ready for you to use. Those apps range from bigger ones such as website and sales funnel builders, email autoresponders to smaller apps such as video editing apps, notification apps etc.  


builderall new apps


Let’s now cover some of the most interesting apps and show you what they do. Note that you will find training videos inside the platform which explain how to use each and every single one of these apps so don’t worry if you can’t figure it out yourself. 


Cheetah Drag N Drop Website Builder  


This is their newest app for building websites and sales funnels. It comes with a lot of great looking templates, it’s not difficult to use and the pages it creates are fast and responsive. 



Pages that you build with this editor are highly customizable because of it’s drag-and-drop technology which allows you to add and place elements wherever you want on your page.  


Let me show you how it works. Note that (at the time of writing this post) this app is still in BETA phase so it has yet to be completely finished. But for now, it looks promising.  


I’ve selected a random landing page template for demonstration. As soon as you enter the editor, you’ll be asked to connect that landing page to an email list inside of MailingBoss (their autoresponder, more about it in just a second). 


cheetah editor


If you look at the header, you’ll see that you can immediately jump into the Tutorials if you want to learn something about the editor or if you get stuck. Below, you’ll see the customization settings. 


You can also add and drag elements wherever you want on the page and you can preview how it looks like on both Mobile and Tablet devices. 


Now, an interesting feature from Cheetah is ability to create a membership area on your site.



Want just a group of people to access your site or a specific page? You can easily lock whatever page on your site you want by creating a membership area. You can create both free and paid areas, dependent on what you want to do. 


Another awesome thing with Cheetah is that you can add products to sell through it. 



If you click at their Supercheckout option, you’ll see the interface from which you can add products, special offers and coupons for those products, track sales and create affiliate programs and manage affiliates.  


Seeing Builderall progress so quickly in funnel building is awesome. 


If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, read my in-depth guide but note that the tool I will recommend for building funnels in that guide is Clickfunnels so don’t be surprised when you don’t see Builderall. 


Nevertheless, something like this was not available before their 2020 update and I hope that they will continue to develop this area.     

MailingBoss Autoresponder


MailingBoss is an email marketing automation app which helps you grow and monetize your email list. You used to have an option to purchase this tool individually but now, you can only get it with Builderall. No worries though, it’s available in all plans, including the free one (more about the plans later in the post). 


Here is how it works. This is the MailingBoss dashboard. You have options to quickly set up a new list, campaign or a workflow. 


builderall mailingboss autoresponder


The process of creating a new list is pretty straightforward. Just enter the info you want in the Create a New Subscriber List section and click on Continue


From here, you’ll be further asked to select if you want a double opt-in or a single opt-in. Now, each of these two has it’s pros and cons and which one will you choose really depends on the goal of your campaign.


After you do that, to finish your form, you’ll be asked to select the required fields a user has to fill in. For example, do you want them to only enter their email and first name or you want more info?



Let’s now take a look at how to actually set up your automations. If you go to Workflow, you’ll see the interface below. 


mailingboss workflow


Workflow works by dragging and dropping the element you want to your automation. It starts off with a list of subscribers you want to target and then, when you click that little green arrow, select which email or email sequence you want to add. 


This looks messy and a bit confusing but you can get a hand of it once you use it a couple of times. 


The way you create emails is pretty straightforward. You just enter basic information and select the time you want to send it. Now, when it comes to the actual email editor, it’s pretty flexible. 


You can add various types of elements to the editor and make your emails look really good and visually appealing. 



If you can’t afford to use a 3rd party autoresponder such as ConvertKit or GetResponse, MailingBoss is a pretty nice alternative and you can get it for free (although free options are limited, obviously).  


Pixel Perfect Builder


This is their complete site builder which has been there for a while. It comes with hundreds upon hundreds of nice looking templates and a lot of editing features. 



The thing that I really like about this editor is that it has templates for almost every industry you can possibly think of so it’s great for people who want to sell websites to clients or who have web development agencies. 


The editor itself is pretty flexible and there are dozens of training videos covering just this editor. I know for a fact that they’ve invested a lot into this builder and they’re constantly updating it.



Dozens of great elements, drag-and-drop features, ability to create a shop and a blog are just some of the features I really like about this editor.    


Builderall Canvas


This is one of their new tools which is also a builder (yeah, I know – a lot of builders) and this one is a funnel builder. Ever heard of Funnelytics? This is something similar. 


builderall canvas


This tool comes with premade funnel templates and you can also start a funnel from scratch. Once you create your funnel, you can easily manage funnel steps from the interface you can see below. 



There are a lot of types of funnels that come premade with Builderall Canvas. Those include squeeze funnels, webinar funnels, application funnels, product launch funnels etc. 


Once you add a f.e. landing page to your funnel, it automatically creates an email form for you. You can create a MailingBoss email list from Canvas without even accessing MailingBoss. 


It goes the same for f.e. product sales page. Once you add one, it automatically creates a checkout for you. From Canvas, you can edit the checkout by adding the price of the product etc. 


You can easily add additional pages to your funnel if you want, like upsells, downsells or others. Just select after which funnel step you want that page to be next and then click on the plus button and add the page. 


For example, if you want to add an upsell after an email confirmation page, just hover over that page and click on the plus button. 



After that, select the upsell page on the left side. 



What this tool can do is integrate all the work you’ve done with Builderall’s apps – email lists from MailingBoss, webinars you’ve created with their webinar app etc. 


After you finish your funnel, it will be saved in Pixel Perfect Editor and you can edit the actual pages from there. 


Ability to do all of this from just one app makes it really great and different from what you usually find in other funnel builders.  


Script Generator


For people who struggle with copywriting or for folks who are simply too lazy to write, this tool comes in handy. 


builderall script generator


Script generator, as the name says, can generate copy for your emails, landing pages, sales pages and others by using the information you give them.


You’ll be asked a lot of questions about your customers, their wishes, problems etc. and based on the answers you give, the tool will create an Avatar which you can use for creating scripts. 


The process of creating a script is really cool. First you select a niche you’re in and then you’ll be asked to select your Avatar. After that, you’ll have to choose which type of script do you need (advertising script, sales funnel script, email script etc.) and that’s it!



Of course, the scripts you’ll get will need editing but you can get some good work done if you create your Avatar the right way. 


However, don’t expect this tool to just print you money. The hardest part of actually understanding your customer’s problems and needs and then personalizing the content for them is on you, not the tool. 




Another new app from Builderall, eCommerce has been published thanks to Builderall partnering with Magento, a wildly recognizable and reputable eCommerce platform. 


In fact, Magento is the one that does the work here. It’s just been integrated to Builderall. And when you need help, you can get one from both Magento and Builderall. 


When it comes to how the stores look, here is the answer. 



Of course, this can be edited. However, if you’d read a couple of my blog posts and been following me for some time, you’d know that I am not a big fan of general eCommerce stores. I much more prefer sales funnels because they bring better results. 


Not saying that eCommerce stores can’t get your results though. It all depends on how you create your store and how you do your audience targeting.  


What I really like about this app is that you can set up a store quickly, like everything else with Builderall. However, if you’d like to learn more about Magento, check out Magento review from Merchant Maverick.  




Course sellers, this one is for you. If you have an expertise or knowledge you want to share with the world, this app can help you box it up and deliver it to your audience. 


eLearning is a course builder which allows you to quickly set up an online course. You can easily add the content and you can even create tests for your students. #throwbacktohighschool


builderall elearning app


This app has a lot of features that I like such as ability to export the list of your students to MailingBoss and then market to them from there, ability to add FAQ and to translate the course. 


You can also create a community for your students to talk, although I believe a simple Facebook group does that kind of a job the best.


There are also a couple of nice looking templates for the design of your course. You can also customize the design to your wishes and even use custom CSS.


builderall course


And, to finish it off, when you’re ready to publish your course, you can easily embed it to your website, regardless if you use Pixel Perfect, WordPress or any other builder. 


Messenger Chatbot 


Builderall comes with a lot of social media apps and their Messenger chatbot app is the biggest and most capable of them all. 


With this app, you can send automated messages via Facebook Messenger to your bot’s subscribers and you can also add a bot to your website. 


builderall facebook chatbot


If you’re wondering why would you use chatbots at a first place, Messenger is used by 1.3 billion people in 2020 and it’s expected to grow at 2.4 billion by 2021 so it’s a huge market to tap into.


Messenger leads also open up your messages 70% more than email subscribers.  


You can use chatbots in a variety of ways. You can inform your subscribers about new updates in your business, you can invite them to a webinar, schedule appointments or use them for customer service etc.


Builderall’s chatbot is pretty flexible and does come with a hand full of features but it takes time to really figure it out. 


It works by first adding a Facebook page you want to use to send messages and then creating a Growth Tool you will use to get people on your bot list. This can be a pop up or a bar on a website.  


chatbot growth tool


From there, you can invite people to subscribe to your bot by offering them some kind of an appealing free gift. After that, you can either create message sequences or send individual messages via broadcast.


I know it’s a lot to swallow but Builderall team has a lot of tutorials on this app so they’ve got you covered. Just don’t let that discourage you from taping in this massive industry. 


Social Proof 


Small but very important, Social Proof app from Builderall can help you, well, add social proof to your website. 


If you’d ready my article on sales funnel statistics, you’d know that social proof is very important. In fact, over 90% of people are looking for an online review of the product before buying it, like you right now. 


People seek validation from other people before buying. So, if you could add this small detail on your site, a notification which appears every time someone registers or buys a product, you’d show visitors that people are trusting you and buying your products. This helps a lot with your conversion rate. 


builderall social proof


When it comes to setting up a campaign, it’s pretty simple and it takes only a minute or two. You just enter the information in the bar you see in the picture above and embed your campaign on your site. 


That’s it when it comes to apps. Of course, there are more – 35 to be exact. These are the most important and the most used ones I wanted to cover. You can find plenty of content about all 35 inside Builderall platform itself. 


Builderall Training 


Now, I’d like to review the training content you can find inside of Builderall. There are three levels of training – basic, intermediate and advanced. Other than that, when you access any of their 35 apps, you can find tutorial videos on how to use those apps. 


builderall training


Their training covers how to do things related to online business – setting up a website, sales funnel, chatbot etc.  


The thing that I’d like to point out is that while they do have a lot of training and it does help, it’s a bit too technical


They will show you how to build a website but how to get traffic, how to do SEO, content marketing and other stuff? Not so much.


The only topic they’ve covered more in-depth is affiliate marketing. 



I like the fact that they’ve tried to cover affiliate marketing more in-depth but what about other businesses? What if you want to do eCommerce, clientele work or something else?


I remember when I started using it a year ago and they’ve had similar content and they’ve said that they will add a lot of training covering different business types – Amazon FBA, eCommerce etc. and I was excited.


Except that after a few months, I’ve left and joined back very recently to check out the platform again and see what’s new – they still haven’t added that training. So much about Coming Soon


In regards to businesses other than affiliate marketing, training is technical and it doesn’t really help you to actually make money. 


It’s not all bad news though. You can use their training to set everything up and then learn the rest of what you need after you go through their’s. Will talk about this more later on in the review.   




A few words about Builderall’s company. I’ve mentioned that it was founded in 2011 by Eric Salgado, an entrepreneur from Brazil who started off his entrepreneurship journey by developing physical training software used by hundreds of gyms in Brazil. 


Builderall’s mother company is called e-Business4us, headed in Orlando. 


Builderall has over 40.000 users and an even bigger Facebook community with over 50.000 members, containing people who are users and people who are just interested in the platform or like it. 


Not too long ago, company’s reputation got into a trouble and the word started spreading around that Builderall was a pyramid scheme which is not true but it gave such an impression because, before, the only way you could become an affiliate for the company was to buy the most expensive plan. 


After realizing that, Eric and the crew made big changes in and outside of the platform and enabled everybody to be affiliates, regardless if they were users or not. 


To clarify, Builderall’s affiliate program is an MLM but not in a scammy way but in a good way. A scammy product is the one that offers no value. Builderall offers a lot of value under one small monthly fee, as you could clearly see so far in the review.

What I Like and Don’t Like about Builderall 


Okay, I gave just a little bit of personal opinion so far in the review but now, it’s going to be all personal thoughts, likes and dislikes etc. 


What I like about Builderall 


1. Full marketing toolkit


Builderall has a lot of apps. Seriously, the first month or two, you spend your time mostly just playing around with the apps (or at least that was just my case). 


I like when a software has a lot of options for me. At the same time, that’s both a blessing and a curse since you can easily get overwhelmed and not know what to do since you have so many options.   


2. It saves you money


And I mean, a lot of money. Builderall even has a free plan. Not just a free trial but a free monthly plan. However, it’s very restricted. 


Outside of Builderall, if you were to use a separate tool for email marketing, separate tool for chatbots, separate tool for sales funnels etc. – it would get costly.  


3. Epic affiliate program


I love good affiliate programs and Builderall surely has one. Similarly to affiliate program from Clickfunnels, they will also give you money to pay for your dream car if you bring them 100 new users which is epic. 


Imagine winning a dream car award from both Clickfunnels and Builderall. Crazy, huh?


4. Everything can be done in just a few steps


Need a new website? Good, go to the editor, click two times and it’s up. This is what I like about Builderall, everything is made in a way so that you can achieve your goals in minutes. 


5. They love adding new things


Nobody likes an outdated software. Builderall’s crew is constantly looking for a way to improve which is what I, and I believe other users, really like. 


builderall 3.0


What I don’t like about Builderall 


1. Some apps are just useless


Love the idea of all-in-one platform but some of the apps are just below average and most of users will never touch them.  


Instead of adding more random apps, why not further develop the ones that are the most used?


2. Loooong learning curve…


Builderall is huge. Such a massive platform with all of these apps and videos thrown immediately at you can get you overwhelmed and frustrated. 


It takes some time to learn how to use Builderall effectively and it does require a lot of patience. 


3. Free trial is too short


I am sorry but 14 days to learn how to use a massive platform with over 30 apps and hours of training videos? Their trial is just too short in my opinion. 

How to Benefit from Builderall 


Builderall gives you a lot of options to make money. Choose the one that you like and find the most appealing.


1. Their affiliate program


Again, their affiliate program, I know. But when you dive deeper, you can really build a full time income just by promoting Builderall. 


And since it’s a multi-level system, you can teach your referrals who want to promote it too how to do it once you get some sales yourself. Remember, your affiliates will make you money as well if they are good. 


2. Build an email list


In the training I’ve covered above, they have some content about building up your email list. You also have an autoresponder and great landing page tools that are simple to use. 


Building an email list and promoting either your’s or someone else’s products can be done with Builderall.


3. eCommerce


Thanks to Magento, you can create a store within Builderall. Make sure to learn how to use Magento inside Builderall’s training and then learn advertising. 


4. Sell services


With such a number of apps that can do so many different things, you can sell services based around those apps. 


Personally, I’ve made a couple hundred dollars selling websites and landing pages. Note that it took me 15 minutes to create a landing page and I was able to provide clients with some good quality work. You can too. 


5. Sell a course


Since Builderall has a course builder and sales funnel apps to help you sell that course, there is a lot of potential in this method.


You can also develop any other membership-type product and charge a monthly subscription.


That’s it! Now, of course, there are way more ways to benefit from Builderall. I’ve just wanted to point out the few ways I found the best. 


Builderall Pricing
builderall pricing plans


Currently, Builderall comes with 5 plans, as you can see above. 


Free Plan


This plan is great for total beginners who have never stepped foot into the marketing world and also for people who want to first get familiar with the platform before investing in it.  


You can’t have a full domain on this plan and can only have 100 email subscribers and there is no live chat. You also get just some of the apps they offer to you. 


Builder Plan – $19.90 Per Month


This plan is a small upgrade to the first one. Very limited plan as well, Builder plan allows you to have a few domains for web presence but only 100 subscribers, same as the previous plan. 


Marketer Plan – $29.90 Per Month  


Things start to get a bit serious from here. I believe this is the perfect plan for people who have some marketing experience but still don’t have a lot of money to waste. You can leverage high amount of email subscribers you can have on MailingBoss and all the builders that you will get to easily monetize your business with Builderall.


Essential Plan – $49.90 Per Month


Nothing too different from the previous one, it’s just that you get a chatbot, ability to install WordPress and, of course, even more space in MailingBoss.


Premium Plan – $69.90 Per Month


The last option from Builderall, Premium comes with everything. You don’t get just apps and almost no limitations, you also get the ability to import your previous email lists into MailingBoss. 

Builderall Pros and Cons


Builderall Pros

  • Has over 30+ marketing apps
  • Affordable  
  • Supportive company and community
  • Live chat
  • Hours of training videos
  • One can build almost any type of business with Builderall
  • Comes with great options for people just starting out and with a low budget
  • Awesome affiliate program
  • Excellent support


Builderall Cons

  • Confusing at first
  • Long learning curve
  • Some apps are just below average
  • Lacks some content in their training which is essential for building a business


That’s it! Builderall is indeed a great solution for online marketers but it comes with some cons. Still unsure if you’re the right fit?


Who is Builderall for? 


First of all, affiliate marketers can find a lot of benefits from Builderall. Not only do they help you with affiliate marketing the most but they themselves also have an awesome affiliate program. They can also help you promote others products too at a low cost because you have everything you really need in one small monthly plan. 


You don’t even need to use the most expensive plan to get a lot out of Builderall as an affiliate. 


eCommerce folks can get a lot out of Builderall as well thanks to their partnership with Magento.


Digital agencies and freelancers also can benefit a lot from it since they can sell almost any service they can possibly think of – chatbots, copywriting, web design, social media management etc.


If you have a VA, Builderall has an app for a VA access as well.


Small business owners can get a lot out of it too.


What about bigger businesses?


It can serve bigger businesses as well although I would also check for some other, more higher end alternatives such as Kartra, Clickfunnels or Ontraport before making the final decision. 


That’s pretty much it! To sum it, if you’re marketing online and are willing to invest more time than money into learning it, you can get value out of Builderall. 


Hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll quickly get back to you. Enjoy the rest of the day! 


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