Two years ago, I’ve heard of this trendy thing called affiliate marketing for the first time. I couldn’t ignore it, all the stories of passive income and pictures of beautiful places definitely intrigued me. 


But what really caught my attention the most was the buzz around this company that buys you a car if you successfully promote its products. 


Clickfunnels, you say? – I thought while having absolutely no clue about how affiliate marketing even works, let alone what landing pages, email marketing, and that stuff was.


I didn’t even know what a word funnel meant in English (yup, it’s my second language). 


A year and a half later, after jumping around from business opportunity to business opportunity, I decided that enough was enough – I will settle down with one and only one program until I crank it. 


The affiliate program I chose was Clickfunnels and in this article, I’ll do a review of it and help you see if you’re a good fit for joining this opportunity. 


Content table:

  1. Clickfunnels affiliate program overview
  2. My results so far
  3. Who should promote Clickfunnels and who should not


Yes, some people shouldn’t promote Clickfunnels. In fact, they shouldn’t do affiliate marketing at all. To find out who those people are, keep reading. Let’s dive in!  

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Overview  


Okay, so how does this whole affiliate program work?


It used to be pretty straightforward before October last year. However, since then, things have gotten a bit tricky to understand. 


Before October, all affiliates very applicable to make a 40% monthly commission from all Clickfunnels accounts bought through their link. 


Now, new affiliates are only applicable to make 20% commission off of Clickfunnels subscriptions until they’ve made $1,000 in a month.


After making that amount, they’d need to apply to earn a 30% commission off of Clickfunnels subscriptions. Once approved, their commissions pump up.


To finally get to those 40% commissions, new affiliates need to have 40 people subscribed to either Clickfunnels Startup or Platinum through their affiliate links. After that, they need to apply and be approved for those 40% commissions. 

Yeah, I know, this part of their affiliate program sucks but in their defense, I understand them.  


You see, Clickfunnels has gained some bad rep over the years thanks to their overhyped affiliates. These are people who promoted Clickfunnels as a get-rich-quick kind of product. 


This quickly attracted tons of bad affiliates, aka spammers who ended up spreading Clickfunnels links and bad content on the web like a disease. 


This is the reason why they cut their commissions for new affiliates, in order to filter get-rich-quickers and have them prove their worth to the company. After all, there are tons of products in their ecosystem that pay a nice commission.


For example, One Funnel Away Challenge is a product that costs $100. Affiliates get paid 100% of commission from OFA sales which means that you get $100 every time you refer people to this product.  


Other than OFA and Clickfunnels, you get paid 40% commission on all other products. This includes DotCom Secrets, Experts Secrets, Traffic Secrets, and others.  


Sticky cookies


Here is one big reason why I love Clickfunnels affiliate program. You see, your affiliate link has a little cookie attached to it. Every time someone clicks on your link, they get your cookie stuck to them. 


This means that if they click on your affiliate link and for some reason don’t buy now but instead they buy a month later, you will still be credit with a commission unless this person cleared their cookies before purchasing.


Besides, if a customer buys more products later on with your 🍪 still attached to them, you will also get a commission.


For example, you may successfully refer a person to the OFA Challenge. After going through that training, which is based around Clickfunnels, a person may open an account. Now, even if they don’t click on your affiliate link and instead just type in and buy, you will still get credit because of the 🍪🍪🍪. 


This all falls apart if a person clears their cookies which happens which some people do regularly and others may want to credit another affiliate by buying through their link instead.  


Moving on, some of the Clickfunnels products are free but you should still consider promoting them actively. Why?


You see, all Clickfunnels products that are either free or cheap have order bumps and upsells on the backend. And yes, you as an affiliate get a commission if your customer buys any of them as well. Sometimes, they buy everything. 


Let’s take a look at an example. Here we have a commission breakdown of DotCom Secrets book, order bumps, and upsells that follow.   


In total, you have a chance of earning $264.40 just by referring people to the book. Seriously, your job is done once you sell someone a book. 


The rest of the job is done by Clickfunnels.  


And they do sell a lot of books. Here is another example, now breaking down the funnel selling Copywriting Secrets book. 


Here, the total is even bigger with one referral having the potential to make you up to $329.40. You make 40% commission on everything, including high-end products like Funnel Scripts or Funnelytics.  


These books aren’t totally free, you have to pay for shipping which costs either $7.95 US or $14.95 internationally. However, let’s now take a look at absolutely free products and see how much money can they potentially make you.  


For example, I’ll take 30 Days Summit training. This is 100% free training and all a person has to do to access it is enter an email address. However, as soon as they do that, they will be upsold the OFA Challenge. If they buy, you get your $100. 


So, from an absolutely free product, you have a chance to make $100. 


There’s more. 


Let’s say that you decide to promote Russell Brunson’s Funnel Builder Secrets webinar. This presentation is free to attend and there’s a lot of valuable information to be consumed from that webinar. However, by the of the webinar, a viewer will be upsold the Funnel Builder Secrets offer with the price of $1997. 


If that viewer decides to buy, you will still get a 40% commission. After some rough math, I’d figured out that your commission would be $798.80. 


All of this is just pure speculation. Not everybody will buy all the order bumps and upsells. Make sure to keep that in mind.  


Affiliate assets  


Great affiliate programs don’t leave you to do everything on your own. They usually have some assets you can use to promote their products. 


When it comes to Clickfunnels, the biggest asset at your disposal is the Affiliate Bootcamp. This is free training from top Clickfunnels affiliates showing and it teaches how they’d done it and how you can model them to achieve your success.


Other assets include done-for-you banners, images, and emails. You can use these for your social media profiles, blog, ads, email marketing campaigns, etc. 


If you have no clue how to start promoting Clickfunnels, go through the Bootcamp. That will be a great starting point.  




Someone must have your back when experiencing an issue. Clickfunnels has a team dedicated to helping its affiliates so if ever run into trouble, you can contact.


While they can be slow from time to time, they do resolve problems at the end. 


Avengers group 


If I could give only two pieces of advice to someone who wants to get started with this program, those would be:


This is a place where you can get ENDLESS amounts of knowledge and experience from other affiliate marketers. People inside this group are constantly posting their results and more importantly, how they’d achieved them. 


In fact, I sold the OFA Challenge for the first time to a person I’d met in this group. So yeah, once in a while, you could also meet your potential clients. 


In order to get noticed, you need to be active. Post content and questions and also comment on other people’s posts.  


The advice you can get from people in this group can sometimes be of more value to you than the one you get from the original Clickfunnels affiliate team. 


Dream car award 


I’ve left the best for last. If you manage to become good at promoting Clickfunnels and if you successfully refer 100 active users to Clickfunnels through your affiliate link, they’ll buy you a car!




Yes! Dozens of people have already won the award. Here is how it works.


If you have 100 active members under you, they’ll lease a car for you for the price under $500 per month. If you manage to climb up to 200 active members, they’ll pay up to $1000 per month for your car.  

My Results with Clickfunnels Affiliate Program  


As I’ve said, I was introduced to Clickfunnels two years ago, in the summer of 2018 but I had no clue what it was. 


However, I was intrigued by the whole affiliate marketing thing so I soon started my first website ever, called DollarsToPocket. You can’t view it because it doesn’t exist anymore. I took it down because it was horrible and I had no idea what I was doing. 


It’s nice for us to want to make money but we have to know how to do it. After a few months of work, I became very disappointed. I had between 20-30 articles on the site, however, they were pretty bad. 


At the beginning of 2019, I started promoting Builderall on Facebook and Youtube and I had no results there as well.


However, in October of 2019, I started promoting Clickfunnels. My friend told me about numerous benefits Clickfunnels has over Builderall so I went all in. 


In my first two months, I’d made around $700 which was HUGE for me because all I kept seeing in my affiliate dashboards prior to starting promoting Clickfunnels was straight zeros. My confidence went through the roof! 


Not only did my confidence boost go through the roof but $700 is about 70k in my currency! I was able to buy whatever I wanted as a senior in high school. 


Average salaries in Serbia go around $300 – before taxes – which is shocking, I know, but what is even more shocking that I made more money than that from the comfort of my sofa after I came back from school.  


My next step was this blog. I’ve earned enough money to buy myself a new laptop and domain and hosting so I decided to go for it. I thought that I could better serve other people by creating long, in-depth articles than just a few sentences and a nice picture like on a Facebook post.


So I did it! Of course, I was a bit insecure at first but, with a help of a friend, I published my first article on November 27th of 2019 and haven’t stopped since.


Where am I results-wise?


Thanks to having a few people signed up under my affiliate link, I had recurring commissions every month. However, that number was small and some of them even quit. Regarding Facebook, I stopped being so active. It takes away much energy and I just didn’t like spending so much time cold-messaging and checking my Messenger every 10-15 minutes. 


Those recurring commissions added up to around $1100 so far.


My future goals?


Building this site and maybe even starting a Youtube channel. I am much confident in my business when I call all the shots, not Facebook. This is the problem with Facebook groups and pages, you could lose everything overnight. It happened to Doug Boughton, Clickfunnels super affiliate. 


His account was suspended for a few days and things could’ve ended badly for him because Facebook was his income source. Luckily, he got it back but somebody else couldn’t. 


Did I experience any problems with Clickfunnels affiliate program? 


Unfortunately, yes. The reality is that you will always experience problems, that’s life. However, the problems I experienced were nothing major.


I made an affiliate sale, the product was the OFA Challenge. Someone bought it through my link but when I logged into my account, no new commissions showed up. Where did those $100 go?


It turned out that those $100 went to another affiliate by mistake. However, with the help of their affiliate team and my customer, I had my commission visible the dashboard in a few days. 


Technical issues always happen but they’re usually quickly resolved. It just takes patience.


How do they pay?


They pay you with PayPal, through a service called Tipalti. You get paid every 1st and 15th of the month if you have more than $100 ready to be paid. After every affiliate sale, you need to wait for 45 days for the refund period to pass. If a customer doesn’t refund, you will be paid. 

Who Should Promote Clickfunnels


It is possible to succeed with Clickfunnels affiliate program. Once you breakthrough in the beginning and make a couple of commissions, your confidence will go up immensely and you will start going after bigger goals. 


However, it’s not easy. It requires:

  • Knowing everything about Clickfunnels and who is it for
  • How can you help other people benefit from Clickfunnels
  • Endless hours of effort


I am not saying that you need to go labor-mode and not have a life. What I am saying that you should dedicate a few hours each and every day in order to see how can you get your slice of the pie. 


Staying consistent is the hardest part for whatever you’re trying to accomplish, whether that’s making money, getting in shape, learning a skill, etc.


Start with the Bootcamp. Join the Avengers group and ask questions. Engage with other users and make connections. 


If you’re willing to put in what it takes, whether you’re a total beginner or have joined a couple of programs before, you can do this. 

Who Should Not Promote Clickfunnels


However, if you’re someone who thinks that they can have it ‘just because they want it’, I am sorry but that’s not the case.


If it was like that, everybody would be traveling the world while earning passive income. But is everybody doing that?


My friends, I like to stay real on this blog so if you aren’t ready to separate 2-4 hours each day for your side hustle then don’t join this program. Just don’t.


Everybody likes to make it look easy but it’s not. Just because you can see results relatively quickly on platforms like Facebook, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. 


It requires continuous effort and breaking out of your comfort zone. I am no guru but I know how hard it was for me to earn my first couple bucks.



Very attractive program but very competitive, however, don’t let that distract you from your dream. 


This affiliate program is pretty lucrative and can provide some high-end commissions but that doesn’t come without high-end work.


I hope that you enjoyed this post. If you’re ready to join, you can do it here.


Have any questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments down below, I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.


Other than that, have an amazing day and keep hustling!


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