Interested in signing up for Clickfunnels?


Paying for an expensive software is a difficult decision and I understand that from personal experience, especially if you’re brand new and have never used such products before.


I’ve compiled a short but sweet list of products that will not only help you have the best possible experience with Clickfunnels but also online business in general.


You can access these products by signing up for Clickfunnels through my affiliate link. 


By doing this, I’ll receive a commission from your payment once your free trial has ended. I’ll also receive commissions from any other products you buy from Clickfunnels company. 


These bonuses will serve as a thank you gesture from me for making a big purchase through my affiliate links. 


Let’s now cut the boring stuff and get right into the goodies.  

Clickfunnels Bonuses


I’ll mention each of the bonuses I have ready for you and cover exactly what each of them is and what does it bring to the table. 


OFA Bonus Mastery – $497 Value


You should know by now that OFA is a 30 day coaching program from Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian that covers exactly how to set up your first sales funnel.


The program is exceptional, providing insane amount of value yet being priced at only $100 one time. Read my full review for more info if you’re not familiar with it. 


Of course, I can’t give you this program as a bonus but what I can is an entire course from Clickfunnels dream car winner and 6-figure affiliate, Doug Boughton, covering this challenge, adding his own advice and even interviewing Russell and Stephen.


This course is sold for $497 but I am allowed to give you access to it for free if you buy Clickfunnels or One Funnel Away Challenge through my affiliate link.


I mean, this bonus doesn’t really serve any purpose if you haven’t went through the OFA program yourself.    


one funnel away challenge bonus


Affiliate Launch Mastery – $497 Value


Another course from Doug, this one is more for people like me – people that love affiliate marketing. 


This course covers how to earn money with affiliate marketing, specifically product launches. 


He mostly talks about Clickfunnels product launches but the knowledge can really be applied to any product launch out there.


Affiliate game from this man is real, he actually helped me earn my first affiliate commission with Clickfunnels – read this post for more info – which is why I know for sure that you’ll find a lot of value in this course.



Funnel Library – $497 Value


This bonus can be of help to anyone, whether you’re into affiliate marketing, eCommerce, freelancing etc. 


It contains 46 different funnels built by various individual entrepreneurs and business owners, some of which have hit more than 7 figures in sales. 


You can use these funnels as templates for your selling your own products/services. I don’t suggest straight-up copying but modeling your funnel to their’s and adding your own voice and branding to it. 


Clickfunnels list of sales funnels


CF Follow Up Pro – $297 Value


Next one on our list is also tied to Clickfunnels affiliate marketing. This bonus is basically a list of emails that you can add to your autoresponder and automate.


They can be used for selling Clickfunnels to your leads and have them stick to it and become long-term members which leads to more recurring commissions for you. 


It is sold for $297 but you’ll get free access by buying through my link.  



Group Convert – $197 Value


Facebook groups are a growing trend since the last few Facebook algorithm updates which is why it is not a bad idea to start your own Facebook group and use it to collect leads for your business.  


Group Convert is the app that lets you automate the exact process I’ve mentioned above and you’ll get free access to it as a bonus. To see it in action, just watch the video below. 



Ultimate List of High Paying Affiliate Programs – $97 Value  


Finding high paying affiliate programs can be tough, especially if you’re just starting out. However, I can help you change that with this bonus. 


It contains a list of 100+ high paying affiliate programs. 


Most of these also pay out recurring commissions on subscription based products, meaning that you’ll receive affiliate payments month after month as long as your referral stays a customer of the company you’re promoting.


list of affiliate programs


That’s it! 


Hope you liked this little bonus bundle. To access these bonuses, all you have to do is just sign up for Clickfunnels through this link and then contact me on Facebook with proof of your registration. 


If I can be of any help, let me know down in the comments. Also, thank you for supporting this site’s content. Have an awesome day! 


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