Looking for a way to get Clickfunnels for a cheaper price?


Perhaps you’re interested in knowing if Clickfunnels has an annual plan where you can get it for a lower price or maybe their monthly plans are too expensive for you and you’re looking for a way to get the software for a smaller monthly fee.


And I am here to let you know that yes, you can get Clickfunnels for a discounted price, although not in a way you may expect. 


In this quick post, I’ll cover:

  1. Clickfunnels Quick Overview
  2. Why is Clickfunnels so Expensive
  3. How to Get Clickfunnels Discount

So without any further to do, let’s go!

funnel builder secrets
Clickfunnels Overview


First of all, what is Clickfunnels exactly?


For those of you who don’t know, Clickfunnels is a software that creates sales funnels. It’s an all-in-one marketing toolkit and when using it, you don’t really need any other software for your marketing. 


This is because with Clickfunnels, you can set up an entire sales system for your products that will collect leads, convert them to sales and continue building a great business relationship, all on complete autopilot. 


Learn everything you need to know about Clickfunnels in my in-depth review.

Why is Clickfunnels so Expensive

Clickfunnels currently has two plans, Startup plan which comes at $97 per month and Platinum plan which comes at $297 per month. For the most of people in the online industry today who want to get started with Clickfunnels, the price is their biggest setback. And who can blame them?


With so many more affordable alternatives out there, why even bother paying more for a software doing the same thing, right? 


Nevertheless, Clickfunnels has over 100.000 users, including myself, and it’s growing every day. So, why are so many people paying such high prices?


First of all, Clickfunnels charges so much because when the user gets many more things than just a page builder. 


When signing up for Clickfunnels, you also get coaching from their experts, all-in-one marketing toolkit (meaning that you don’t really need to use any other tool for marketing) and Funnel Flix. 


sales funnel training


Funnel Flix is a collection of Russell Brunson’s best courses. Information inside of Funnel Flix created hundreds of millionaires inside Clickfunnels community and you’re getting that information for free.


Learn more about Funnel Flix and why is Clickfunnels so expensive.


How to Get a Clickfunnels Discount


First of all, yes! You can get Clickfunnels discounted. Currently, there are two ways to do this. First one is to get the Funnel Builder Secrets offer and the second one is to get Clickfunnels OFA Platinum offer.


Funnel Builder Secrets


Funnel Builder Secrets is a Clickfunnels bundle offer that contains a bunch of high-end training programs that cover sales funnels, funnel hacking and every single one of Russell Brunson’s best kept secrets on business and marketing. 


These programs include Funnel Hacks Masterclass, Funnel Builder Secrets and Traffic Secrets.


Alongside those programs, this package also comes with free Clickfunnels Platinum and Funnel Scripts membership.


There are two Funnel Builder Secrets packages. One comes with all of the things mentioned above and free Clickfunnels membership for 6 months. This package is priced at $1997. The second one is coming with 12 months of free Clickfunnels membership instead of 6, priced at $2997. 



When you look at this way, 12 months of Clickfunnels Platinum costs $3564 which means that you end saving over $500 with Funnel Builder Secrets. And then add all of the other stuff you get to that.


  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass – Six-week program that covers in-depth how to find competitor’s sales funnels that are making money, how much money they are making and how to hack them and create a profitable funnel of your’s. 
  • Funnel Builder Secrets – Program that teaches all the technical things you need to know when creating a funnel. This includes landing pages, sales pages, upsells, downsells etc.
  • Traffic Secrets – This training covers how to drive traffic to your sales funnels, including social media marketing, affiliate marketing etc.
  • 12 Months of Funnel Scripts Membership – Funnel Scripts is a software that produces sales copy for your funnel. This includes sales page text, email copy etc. It works by you answering a few questions about your ideal customers, what problems do they have, what do they want and based on those answers, the tool creates sales messages for you in a couple of minutes.


This is a great way to get Clickfunnels at a discounted price because you don’t only get that but everything else you need in order to skyrocket your business online. 


Understandably, with such a high-end offer, you may feel unsure and want more information about it. This is why I recommend you watch Russell Brunson’s webinar where he not only talks about the offer but also provides a lot of value on sales funnels and how to use them to scale your business. 


It’s a great watch, go check it out!


On the other hand, if you want to take this offer now, you can buy it here. 


OFA Platinum


OFA stands for the One Funnel Away Challenge which is a 30 day program that covers how to create a sales funnel from scratch. 


OFA Platinum is another Clickfunnels bundle offer, a little bit lower end, which is perfect for people that can’t afford Funnel Builder Secrets.


ofa platinum


With OFA Platinum, you’ll get 3 months of Clickfunnels Platinum account instead of 6 or 12 but the price is lower, coming at $997 one time fee. 


Besides free Clickfunnels account for 3 months, you’ll also get the products below.


ofa platinum offer


For more info on the OFA Challenge, check out my review of it. The other product you’ll get is the live version of Russell’s most popular books, Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets and also Traffic Secrets, the course I’ve already mentioned above.


Get this offer at $997 today and you’ll get a great start into the funnel world because the challenge lasts for 30 days and once the challenge is done, you’ll have your funnel set up. After that, you’ll have 2 more months of Clickfunnels totally free. 




Whatever you believe, Clickfunnels is actually SAVING you a lot of time and money. Compared to what was needed not so long ago to build a funnel, Clickfunnels comes in very cheap.


It used to cost thousands of dollars to build out a sales funnel, not counting the training, mentorship and all of that stuff, just the technical part.


Now, you get all of that for the price of your phone and skipping going to Starbucks every day. 


If you ask me and tens of thousands of other users, it’s totally worth it. 


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