In September of 2019, Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels have made changes in their company. They’ve decided to do some rebranding and launched a new version of former Clickfunnels Etison Suite – Clickfunnels Platinum.


This is one of their three package plans available. It costs $297 per month which is a hefty price tag for many and therefore, it begs the question – is it worth it?


In today’s post, I’ll do a comprehensive review of Clickfunnels Platinum. I’ll go over good, bad and ugly and help you decide if this product is for you.


Content table:

  1. Clickfunnels Platinum Quick Overview
  2. Dive into Clickfunnels Platinum
  3. How to Benefit from Clickfunnels Platinum
  4. What I Personally Like and Don’t Like about Clickfunnels Platinum
  5. Clickfunnels Platinum Pros and Cons
  6. Final Thoughts
  7. Special Bonus

Ready? Let’s dive in!

clickfunnels platinum
Clickfunnels Platinum Quick Overview


I will go through this post assuming that you already know what Clickfunnels is and just want to learn about it’s Platinum plan. If you don’t know what Clickfunnels is at all, learn more in my full review. 


To put it simply, Clickfunnels Platinum is the real all-in-one marketing toolkit Russell Brunson talks about all the time.


It’s one of the three Clickfunnels available plans. The other two are Startup and Collective plans with Collective being the most expensive at $1497 per month. Startup plan is the cheapest at $97 per month. 


It comes with a funnel builder, autoresponder and an affiliate management tool. 


Besides that, you also get access to Russell’s courses, from low end to high end, for free. Note that some of his courses cost thousands of dollars outside of Platinum. More about that later on. 


Besides tools and courses, you get priority support and a coach to guide you when building a funnel. 


Got it? Great, let’s now take a look at all of this package’s features individually.  

Clickfunnels Platinum In-depth Review


Actionetics and Backpack


These are two tools that are not available in the Startup plan and they’re used for running automated messages and partnership programs. 


Actionetics (rebranded to Follow up Funnels) is an autoresponder that goes hand-in-hand with the funnel builder. You can easily create a list for prospects with Actionetics and use a funnel builder to build that list. 


Actionetics comes with a lot of great features such as ability to create smart lists based off of your prospects’ behavior. For example, you may want to create a separate list of people who have bought 2 or more products of your’s. You can do that with just a few clicks with Actionetics.


clickfunnels update


On the other hand, Backpack is an affiliate management tool. If you wish to do the least amount of work possible regarding marketing your products and driving traffic or simply don’t know how to do it, having an affiliate program can help you. 


By creating an appealing affiliate program, it will drive a lot of good affiliates who will make you sales while you sleep and all you have to do is just give them 30-40% of the total revenue. 


This may sound like a lot but note that they’re doing the hard work and also paying for traffic so yeah, that sounds like a great deal for me. 


clickfunnels backpack overview


If you wish to study these two a little bit more in-depth, I have reviewed both Actionetics and Backpack on this blog so go read the reviews I’ve linked for more information.


Having that said, let’s continue with our review of Clickfunnels Platinum.  


Funnel Hackathon


I’ve mentioned this above in the post and Funnel Hackathon basically is a weekly-held live coaching inside one of Clickfunnels forums. 


Coaches from Hackathon spend a good amount of time teaching and then answering your questions and yes, they do answer all questions.  



However, Funnel Hackathon is not the only coaching you get with Platinum. 


Funnel Flix


Ever wished to learn marketing and business till perfection without spending crazy amounts of money and breaking the bank?


Funnel Flix is basically like Netflix for entrepreneurs, containing hours of training on marketing, sales, business, finding your ideal clients etc performed by leading experts in the field. 


Most of the courses are from just Russell Brunson but you can also see Stephen Larsen, Julie Stoian and other marketers. 


But there aren’t only marketers inside, content from people like Tony Robbins can also be found in Funnel Flix as well. 


sales funnel training


As I’ve said, most of these courses are very expensive outside of Funnel Flix with f.e. Funnel Builder Secrets starting at $1997.   


This is great for people who want to learn without spending thousands but it can also be a bit overwhelming since you’re thrown a bunch of content on at once.


My advice is picking just one, possibly two courses and just sticking to one main strategy.


I’ll now cover some of the most interesting courses you’ll find in Funnel Flix. 


Funnel Builder Secrets


The course with a hefty price tag I’ve mentioned above, Funnel Builder Secrets is probably the most popular course from Russell Brunson, along with OFA. 


In fact, he made over $3 million with just one presentation at 10x Event by Grant Cardone by selling this course in a bundle with a few other products. So, why is it so popular?


This course covers everything you need to know about creating and launching your sales funnel. From creating your offer to writing an effective sales letter that will win people’s hearts, this course covers it. 



Inside this course, you’ll also learn how to grow your list and follow up with your leads. Trust me, going through this one alone will take you weeks. This is why I’ve told you that you should just watch one or two courses and take immediate action.


Traffic Secrets


This one can’t be directly purchased, you can only get it as an upsell or by buying FBS bundle offer for $1997. 


After building a great funnel, you’ll need to send people to it. High converting funnel is useless if nobody visits it, right? 


Traffic Secrets course was originally created by a marketer who has made more than a million dollars in a single day online, John Reese but Russell purchased all rights for this course about a year ago. 


This course contains almost 300 videos that all cover one topic – traffic. 



Any traffic source you could possibly think of is covered here like Google ads, Facebook ads, SEO and others.  


Tony Robbins Personal Development 


Tony is a leading life coach in the industry right now with many successful people looking up to him. He has changed the lives of millions and inside Funnel Flix, you can find his course on personal development. 


This course will help you be successful not just in business but in relationships, health and other areas of your life.  


10x Secrets


Remember when I told that Russell has made over $3 million in one presentation with Funnel Builder Secrets offer? Well, in 10x Secrets program, he teaches you how he did it.


These secrets can be applied whenever you’re speaking live in front of a bigger group of people (live stage, webinar etc). 



Funnel University


Want to have a degree in sales funnels?


Funnel University is a program where Russell and his team hold one monthly class that covers all of the funnel stuff including offers, split tests, sales scripts and pages and way more. 


From Funnel University, you can get over $50,000 worth of education per semester for… free! No need for a loan. 



These are just some of the many courses you’ll find in Funnel Flix. Coming from personal experience, after going through just one of Russell’s courses, One Funnel Away Challenge specifically, the way I viewed business and sales turned by 360 degrees. In fact, that’s an understatement. 


And yeah, you get access to OFA inside Funnel Flix as well. 


Additional Features


With Clickfunnels Platinum, you’ll be able to create unlimited amounts of pages and funnels. You’ll also have 8 payment gateways and 9 domains. 


Regarding support, your needs will always be prioritized which is cool but it’s kinda bad for Startup plan members who are already paying an expensive price as well at $97 per month, it’s just less expensive than your plan. 


That pretty much sums it up for features and courses you’ll get. Now, let’s go into how to actually use Clickfunnels Platinum effectively and not waste your hard-earned money.  

How to Benefit from Clickfunnels Platinum


Okay so how to use complete Clickfunnels bundle with marketing software and courses and do so effectively?


Before investing a single penny into any kind of software or anything else in business, you have to be clear on what your goal is. 


For example, with me, when I first bought Clickfunnels, I wanted to get familiar with it so that I could promote it and help other people scale their businesses by introducing them to Clickfunnels and Russell’s courses, courses you can now get for free. More about my personal journey in my full Clickfunnels review. 


So, what’s your goal?


Do you want to build a modest passive stream of income just to enjoy simple life or you want to build a big business with thousands or even millions of customers and people’s lives changed?


Define your goal before jumping on. Now, let me help you with that. 


For building the most passive type of business, go with affiliate marketing. You can promote either Clickfunnels products or any other products. You can easily build a list and message them via Actionetics which is pretty simple to use.


This way, your job is to just drive people to a product’s sales page and the company will do the rest. Can’t be more passive than that, if you do it right of course.


Digital agency that sells funnels, CRM and other marketing types of services is another type of business you can create and/or manage with Platinum, especially because you can have unlimited funnels and pages. 


Selling a product is for what Clickfunnels was pretty much made for and you have every tool you really need. 


You also have unlimited resources in knowledge and can create affiliate programs for your products with Backpack.


By going through Funnel Flix, you’ll understand how to create an irresistible offer, how to get people to actually listen to what you have to say and how to drive their attention on the internet. This goes for whatever you are selling. 


These are some ways you can benefit from being a Platinum member. I’ve mentioned these as well in my Clickfunnels review but I wanted to get more specific with Platinum. This goes the same for things I like and don’t like about this plan. 

What I Like About Clickfunnels Platinum


1. All-in-one marketing toolkit


Having almost every tool I need for marketing my business (maybe I’d need some 3rd software at occasion) is one of the things I like the most about Clickfunnels Platinum. 


Especially because these tools easily integrate with each other within the platform. 


2. Hours of training content


And not just any training but training from some of the best in the game. Content inside Funnel Flix goes way beyond just Clickfunnels but covers business and marketing in general. 


I also like the fact that they host weekly lives where they help members. 


3. Prioritized support 


Although they can be slow at times, being prioritized makes an individual feel really good and secure. 


When things go south, it’s important to have the company you’re paying a lot of money have your back.

What I Don’t Like About Clickfunnels Platinum


1. Expensive 


You knew that I’d start off with this one and it’s obvious, $297 per month is not something every individual can afford, especially if you don’t come from first world country. 


Even for people in the US or UK, it’s a hefty price tag. 


2.  A few of the Funnel Flix courses are locked


You may have noticed in the image of inside the Funnel Flix above that a few courses like f.e. Agora Financial Copywriting and Agora Media Buying are locked. Well, they’re only available for Clickfunnels Collective members.  


On the flip side, this is not a big deal. I still have more than a dozen great courses to watch. 

Clickfunnels Platinum Pros
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • Actionetics and Backpack
  • Funnel Flix
  • Funnel Hackathon
  • Priority support
  • Flexible payment options
Clickfunnels Platinum Cons
  • Expensive
  • Long learning curve
  • No full access to Funnel Flix
  • Small number of domains and users
  • In my opinion, free trial is too short
Final Thoughts


Clickfunnels Platinum is a great package of resources for any marketer and business owner. It has the right tools and training to help you achieve a goal of almost any kind in business.


The price tag can be an issue for some but in all honesty, the value you get exceeds $297 per month. This is at least my opinion.


If you’re looking to check for some alternatives, go read my article on 14 different Clickfunnels alternatives. 


Anyway, you do have free access for 14 days to explore and play around. This way you can make a concrete decision. 

Special Bonuses


If you decide to head on and try out Clickfunnels Platinum and you join through my referral link, you’ll receive these following extras as a thank you gift. 



I’ve gathered some nice products to give you as an extra value. Here they are:

  • OFA Bonus Mastery – If you ever take the OFA Challenge, this course can help since this is where Doug Boughton, Clickfunnels dream car winner, covers the lessons and interviews Russell Brunson as well. ($497 Value)
  • Affiliate Launch Mastery – How to profit from product launches as an affiliate. Mainly targeted towards Clickfunnels products but knowledge can be applied to any product in any niche. ($497 Value)
  • Funnel Library – Collection of funnels you can import to your account and use. Some of these funnels have generated over a million dollars in revenue. ($497 Value)
  • CF Follow Up Pro – If you ever become a Clickfunnels affiliate, you can use these email automations to help your leads convert into sales and stick for a long time. ($297 Value)
  • Group Convert – Software that can be used for easily grabbing leads from Facebook groups. ($197 Value)
  • Ultimate List of Affiliate Programs – 100+ affiliate programs with high commissions. ($97 Value)


That’s it! All you have to do to receive these bonuses is click on this link, go to Clickfunnels page and sign up for Platinum plan. After that, connect with me on Facebook with proof of signing up and I will manually send you access to these bonuses. 


I am doing it this way so that I can connect with you and see that you are a real person and maybe help you out if you need something as well.


Anyway, I hope that you liked this review. If you did, click that little Like button below and also leave a comment if you have any questions. I will gladly respond. Have an awesome day!


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