Russell Brunson likes to make constant changes within the Clickfunnels company with his new offers which is why it makes sense that you may look for all of the different Clickfunnels pricing options there are. 


After all, you want to be fully aware of what you’re buying into, especially if that thing has a hefty price tag. 


With this article, I want to make a buyer’s guide for people looking to do a bit deeper research of exactly everything you get from all of Clickfunnels plans. 


If you haven’t read my full Clickfunnels review, make sure to do so before jumping into pricing plans.


Content table: 

  1. Clickfunnels plans
  2. Clickfunnels special offers
  3. Bonuses
Let’s get into the guide!     


Marketing automation software can get pretty expensive when you look at just the price itself. Prices can go up to thousands of dollars per month. 


To many people, this may be the biggest reason for not investing their money into these new pieces of technology and that leads to them continuing to overpay expensive developers and analysts who may not bring them the best results.


When considering to invest money into any piece of software and then getting struck by the price, pause for a moment and then take a look at exactly everything you get in return. 


If that piece of software is from reputable companies such as LeadPages, Clickfunnels, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot or Infusionsoft, chances are that what you get in return is far bigger than the price they ask you to pay. 


Most of the good software can totally replace your coders, analysts and marketing guys. That means that you shouldn’t look at this technology as an expense but as the way to cut your expenses. 


However, in my opinion, the biggest reason for people not wanting to invest in these products is because they are generally new. People are used to creating standard websites and sending people to their homepage but aren’t used to creating sales funnels and automated sequences of messages because it’s something that has started to be used only for the past few years. 


As our today’s focus, Clickfunnels is only 5 and a half years old, being founded in 2014 and since then, it has been considered as a scam by many because of excessive (yet brilliant) marketing by it’s founder, Russell Brunson.  


All of those rumors are false though because people have indeed managed to scale their companies and improve their business’s online presence, not just with Clickfunnels but with other software I’ve mentioned above and dozens of others as well. 


Personally, I love these new pieces of technology and that’s why I started this blog, to help other people see value in them and then help them find the right ones for their needs.


Having that said, let’s get now get into Clickfunnels pricing plans.  

Clickfunnels Plans 


As of today, there are three different Clickfunnels plans – Startup, Platinum and Collective, with them being priced in this particular order. 



Let’s start from the first one. Startup plan is the smallest and the cheapest plan of their’s, starting at $97 per month. This is the only plan where you’ll have limitations on the amount of funnels and pages you’ll be able to build (20 funnels and 100 pages). 


However, this plan was entirely made as a solution for people just starting in the digital marketing world which is why this limitation won’t matter as much.


In addition, only one successful funnel is enough for you to upgrade to the next plan so you’ll have a plenty of opportunity and enough resources to achieve that. 


Other features of this plan is that you get the ability to have 3 domains and 3 payment gateways. 


They’ll also invite you to participate in one of their free programs, Funnel Builder Secrets Lite, which teaches what sales funnels are from the ground up. Inside this course, you’ll also be able to download free funnels they have made for you!



The thing that applies to all plans, including the Startup plan is that you get a free 30 min coaching call with one of their team members. On this call, you can ask them whatever you want about Clickfunnels and they’ll help you get started with using the software. 


You’ll also get live chat in order to ask them any further questions you might have. 


Other companies like Infusionsoft charge a whopping $1,999 for a coaching call so getting the same type of call for free is really valuable. 


However, I’d like to give you a small warning that Clickfunnels support is not the fastest in the world. The usually don’t respond instantly but in a few hours so you’ll have to be a bit  patient when it comes to them. This is no major issue though. 


Let’s now move onto the Platinum plan. This plan has a bit heftier price tag, starting at $297 per month.     


clickfunnels platinum


I have an entire post dedicated to this plan. Platinum is more for people who have a bit more money laying around, ready to be invested in their business. It comes with a complete marketing toolkit.


Besides a funnel builder, you’ll also get access to Clickfunnels email autoresponder Actionetics and an affiliate management tool Backpack. For people who aren’t willing to pay for a bunch of marketing software services and would be the happiest if they could get everything they need inside one product, this is a great solution.


Actionetics is used for gathering contact information from people who go through your sales funnels and then using that information to send targeted sequences of emails to that audience. 


It integrates easily with your funnel building tool and over time, Actionetics can gather in-depth data about your subscribers and you can use that data to see how valuable each and every one of them is to your email list.  


This time you get 9 domains and 8 payment gateways (on image it says 9 but it has changed). 


However, the best part about Platinum, in my opinion along with opinions of many other Clickfunnels users, is that since the last update in September 2019, all Platinum users are granted access to premium courses by people like Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Garrett J. White, Justin Brooke and others, for free.  


These are some of the top players in the digital marketing game and these courses don’t just teach marketing but business, sales, confidence, relationships and more.    


All of these courses can be accessed from so called FunnelFlix, feature of Clickfunnels Platinum to which you get almost full access to. I say almost because there are a few courses you can’t access with a Platinum account.  


I’ll touch upon that in a second.   


To finish it off, you’ll get access to weekly live coaching calls and prioritized support meaning that your problems will be put in front of problems of people who are signed up for the Startup plan. 


Personally, I don’t like this because those people who are waiting longer in line are still customers who are struggling but on the other hand, it makes sense. Since Platinum users are paying more money, they’ll get a slightly better treatment. 


The thing is though that once you’re about to contact support team when experiencing an issue, you’ll have an option to classify your problem as an emergency and therefore, they’ll respond faster to you, no matter which plan you’re signed up for.


If you’re more interested in this plan, read my full review of it.  


Last plan available for people to sign up for is Collective plan that costs a whopping $1497 per month. As you can probably sense, this plan is not for anyone and it certainly takes a certain level of income in order to be able to pay for such a product every single month. 



$1497 per month? What the f*ck?!


Yeah, I know. 


Here is the deal, there is a good reason for this plan being so overwhelmingly expensive. 


After purchasing this plan, you’ll become a member of so called Two Comma Club Inner Circle. This means that you’ll get live phone support, access to live events and meetings with people such as Russell Brunson and other successful people from Clickfunnels community. 


Featurewise, there are some additions as well. You’ll get 3 user accounts which means that you and 2 other people can operate from a single Clickfunnels subscription. This is useful for people who want their employees or coworkers to work on their projects. 


It comes with 27 domains and payment gateways. You’ll also unlock a few premium FunnelFlix courses such as Agora Financial Copywriting and Agora Media Buying. These courses aren’t available for Platinum users in FunnelFlix.



Understandably, someone who may be interested in Clickfunnels Collective would want much more in-depth conversation about what’s inside. This is why they offer you an option to schedule a call with them and talk about further business. 


This plan is not for everyone. Beginners and people who don’t have a big, steady cashflow shouldn’t even bother thinking about purchasing Collective. The goal is not just to buy for one month and then not do anything.


It’s for people who’re already doing business and have money coming in every month. 


Collective can’t be bought normally on Clickfunnels site like the previous two plans. You’d have to visit this page and then buy if you’re interested. 

Clickfunnels Special Offers  


If you’re interested in buying Clickfunnels, you’d probably be also interested in learning some ways to get it discounted. I mean, who wouldn’t?


Well, good news are that there are ways to get it for a lower price but the bad news is that this means either paying for 3,6 or a 12 month plan which requires some money upfront. 


Funnel Builder Secrets: $1997-$2997


This is a bundle offer from Clickfunnels which offers you not just 6-12 months of Clickfunnels Platinum for free, depending on the plan you choose, but it also gives you bonus courses and software. 


funnel builder secrets


All of the courses from FBS can be found inside FunnelFlix. The only additional bonus you get is Funnel Scripts which is a copywriting software that automatically produces sales scripts for your web pages, emails and posts. It costs $797 outside FBS.


This a nice discount for people who are ready to fully devote to building their sales funnel but without having tons of money to invest in things like f.e. Collective. 


However, are there any cheaper options?


OFA Platinum: $997 


Another Platinum on our list. This offer includes 3 months of free Clickfunnels Platinum, One Funnel Away coaching and live versions of Dot Com Secrets, Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets.  



Like FBS, this offer requires some money to be invested upfront. While you do get some great products with this offer, there is another one that costs the same but gives you much more. 


Secrets Masterclass: $997


Secrets Masterclass is a webinar ran by Russell Brunson that talks about the secrets of Two Comma Club members. At the end of the webinar, he will make an offer to you that contains 6 months of Clickfunnels Platinum, OFA Challenge, 10x Secrets Mastery course and Traffic Secrets. 


This one is straight up much better offer than the one above, simply because you get 3 more months of Clickfunnels Platinum for free and more premium courses for the same price.


In my opinion, this is the best Clickfunnels offer for beginners. It contains courses that will help you learn what funnels are and how they work and it doesn’t require a big budget to get started. 


However, it depends on how you define a big budget for starting out. For you, it may be $500-$1000 but for others it may be lower than that. Then there is a group of people who are willing to invest $5000+ in a new business. These people should also consider purchasing Collective.


Nevertheless, this is pretty much it when it comes to Clickfunnels special offers. Note that they launch new ones all the time and I will update my posts as soon as something interesting pops up.   

Wrapping it up 


Clickfunnels is a reputable company with a lot of great products and clients’ success stories. Their promises sometimes may seem unreal and too good to be true but a lot of people have indeed achieved a lot of success by working with the company. 


However, this doesn’t come without a price and Clickfunnels is very known for it’s premium software and courses. It all depends on how much money and time are you willing to invest.



I’ve laid out some great ways to get Clickfunnels discounted. Now, I’d like to try to sweeten the deal by offering you bonuses for becoming my referral. 


You can access these bonuses by either buying Clickfunnels, One Funnel Away Challenge, Funnel Builder Secrets or Secrets Masterclass through my links.


Unfortunately, Clickfunnels hasn’t enabled it’s affiliates to promote OFA Platinum or Collective so those two don’t count. Sorry.   


The list of bonuses is:

  • OFA Bonus Mastery – If you ever take the OFA Challenge, this course can help since this is where Doug Boughton, Clickfunnels dream car winner, covers the lessons and interviews Russell Brunson as well. ($497 Value)
  • Affiliate Launch Mastery – How to profit from product launches as an affiliate. Mainly targeted towards Clickfunnels products but knowledge can be applied to any product in any niche. ($497 Value)
  • Funnel Library – Collection of funnels you can import to your account and use. Some of these funnels have generated over a million dollars in revenue. ($497 Value)
  • CF Follow Up Pro – For those who want to be Clickfunnels affiliates, you can use these email automations to convert your leads into sales and have them stick for a long time. ($297 Value)
  • Group Convert – Software that can be used for easily collecting leads from Facebook groups. ($197 Value)
  • Ultimate List of Affiliate Programs – List of 100+ affiliate programs with high paying commissions. ($97 Value)

After purchasing, just add me as a friend on Facebook and reach out. In the chat, I’ll send you a link for these bonuses. 


That’s it! Hope that you’ve enjoyed this article. If you have any questions, make sure to leave a comment down below or email me directly. 


Have an awesome day!


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