Since it’s launch in 2014, Clickfunnels has been everywhere, with owners claiming that it’s the best software in the marketing software industry. 


In addition, they’ve also said that Clickfunnels can replace your entire marketing staff and save you, and at the same time make you, a lot more money.


Is any of this true? Is Clickfunnels really that good? In today’s post, I’ll cover that and much more.


Content table:

  1. Why Invest in a Marketing Software
  2. What is Clickfunnels
  3. How Does Clickfunnels Work
  4. My Personal Journey with Clickfunnels
  5. What I Like and Don’t Like about Clickfunnels
  6. How to Benefit from Clickfunnels
  7. Who is Clickfunnels for
  8. Clickfunnels Plans 
  9. Clickfunnels Pros and Cons
  10. Summary
  11. *Special Bonuses*  
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So, without any further to do, let’s get right into it! 

clickfunnels preview
Why Invest in a Marketing Software


The thing I’d like to point out before we dive into the review is why would you even consider spending your hard earned money on any piece of software. 


The thing with the software industry is that it has completely changed the game of online business or taking a business online in just a couple of years. 


With just a few pieces of software, you can build an online presence and sell and deliver your products with no development team needed. 


Software can save you a lot of money because most of the software in the market cost way less than a typical salary you would pay to a programmer. 


These new pieces of technology can help you develop, sell and deliver your products online, build a list of your prospects and customers and stay in contact with them. They can also help you build partnerships with people who want to promote your business. 


In other words, you can save a lot of money and make a lot more money at the same time.


And today, I’ll discuss one software that does just that – Clickfunnels. 

What is Clickfunnels

Okay so what is Clickfunnels? I assume you’ve been hearing about it everywhere but you still don’t know what it exactly is.


Well, to put it simply, Clickfunnels is a software founded by the company called Etison LLC.


The founder was Russell Brunson, an entrepreneur who has popularized the term “sales funnels”.  


And Clickfunnels is the software that builds sales funnels. If you don’t know what a funnel is, check out what they are and how they exactly work. 


I highly recommend you check out the post above because a sales funnel is not just a page that has ‘Add to Cart’ button and some funny text. It’s actually way more than that. 


Sales funnel is the process of turning a complete stranger into your customer. It’s like having a sales person that will say hello to you once you enter a store, find out what you need and then give you the best product for that need. And after that, offer you some extras to make you have the best possible experience.


Except, we’re doing that online. And Clickfunnels helps you put a system like that together. But, again, I highly recommend you learn how sales funnels work before even considering Clickfunnels.


How to get started with sales funnels?


If you’d read the post I’ve linked above about sales funnels, you’d see that there are 10 main types of businesses and there is a funnel for each type of business. Whatever business you’re in, there is a funnel for that. 


And there are 7 types of sales funnels. Those are:

  • Squeeze Funnels 
  • Application Funnels 
  • Tripwire Funnels
  • Sales Letter Funnels
  • Product Launch Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Auto-webinar Funnels


You don’t need to know how all of these work. But, thankfully, there are free training videos for all of these funnel types inside of Clickfunnels itself.   


And if you want a 30 day step-by-step blueprint on how to come up with your offer from scratch, share your message and build a tribe of loyal buyers, click here. 


How Does Clickfunnels Work
This software is set up in a way so that you can create a funnel in just a couple of minutes. Here is how it works:


1. Step – Log into your Clickfunnels account

clickfunnels dashboard


2. Step – Select Build Funnels


building a sales funnel


3. Step – Choose Your Funnel Goal


squeeze page funnel


This depends on the type of funnel you are going to build. For example, if you’re creating the squeeze funnel (the most simple of them all), you should choose Collect Email.

4. Step – Put in a Name and Select Build Funnel 


creating a sales funnel


5. Step – Select Your Funnel Template


sales funnel steps


Now you have your funnel ready. All you have to do is enter your content and connect your own information in order to set it up.


In case of this example, with a squeeze funnel, you will have to present your free offer and connect your email software that will capture your leads. 


If this sounds too techie, don’t worry, it’s not that hard to set this all up. Again, there will be training videos that cover all of this in detail if you ever get stuck.

On the left side, you’ll see Funnel Steps. These are the pages of your funnel placed in order. The first page they land on is Step #1. After they enter their email, they will land on another page which is Step #2. And so on and so forth. 


Besides Steps, you will also see Stats, Contacts and Settings sections in the header. Stats show page views and the amount of opt-ins. This helps you know your numbers and optimize for more conversions. 


sales funnel opt in


Contacts section shows people who have become your leads. Inside of Settings, you will be able to integrate your email autoresponder, payment processors and more.

Inside of the actual Editor, the process is really simple. Yes, it takes some time to get a hand of it but it comes in very easy once it does. The Editor works by simply dragging and dropping the elements you want (you have a lot of page elements you can add) and entering the text you want. 


how to design a sales funnel


This is how the funnel builder works. Now, there are two other apps inside of Clickfunnels, Backpack and Follow up Funnels (formerly known as Actionetics). 


Shortly put, Backpack is an affiliate management app and Follow up Funnels is an autoresponder. 


I won’t get too much into them because I have two separate reviews of both of these apps so you can go and read them and find out more information.   

My Personal Journey with Clickfunnels 


Before I got started with Clickfunnels, I was promoting various other products online that were paying out measly $5-$10 commissions. After that, I’ve discovered the software industry and the money some of these companies were paying out in affiliate commissions.


I instantly wanted to start promoting software and earn some high, recurring commissions and so – I did. First software I’ve tried to promote was Builderall but with very little to no success.


The thing is, I wasn’t doing it the right way, I’ve made no sales and I thought that I was just wasting my time and money trying to do this thing called affiliate marketing.


Then I was introduced to Clickfunnels by an associate and I’ve instantly fell in love with their affiliate program. In case you didn’t know, Clickfunnels pays out 40% commissions on all sales you make for them as an affiliate. 


And some of their products are very high end, starting from $97 and going all the way to $2997 so 40% commission sounded like a dream-come-true deal to me. 


I’d bought the product to get familiar with it and then I’ve watched the course called 5 Ways to Monetize Clickfunnels from Doug Boughton. That course is free but almost immediately after watching it, I’ve started to make sales on Facebook by implementing his methods.  



My results so far. And although small, I’ve only been promoting Clickfunnels for a short amount of time and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I will constantly keep updating this blog with my new results. 


These sales were made on Facebook by connecting with people with similar interests who don’t know about Clickfunnels but have problems that Clickfunnels can solve. Then you simply introduce them to the software without spamming them. 


Clickfunnels commissions aren’t just high but also recurring so if you sell somebody their subscription plan, you get paid every month as long as they stay a member. If you manage to get 100 active members under you, they will buy you your dream car. Amazing, right?


Can’t wait to keep you all updated with my results. Want to follow my journey? Connect with me on Facebook. 

What I Like and Don’t Like about Clickfunnels


What I like about Clickfunnels


1. Their marketing toolkit


I like the fact that they have useful marketing tools in one platform. These tools also easily integrate with each other since they’re all in-built Clickfunnels. 


2. Sales funnel courses


Let’s face it, Clickfunnels is just a software. And no matter how useful it can be, if you don’t know how to use it the right way, you’ll be ending up just wasting your money. 


This is why Russell has personally developed a lot of courses and books available for both members and non members about sales funnels, marketing, business and how to use Clickfunnels effectively. The only difference is that they are free for those who are members. 


I’ll get into more about this later on in the review.


3. It’s pretty simple to use


Earlier in this review, I’ve shown you how the editor works, it’s pretty straightforward. You don’t have to deal with coding or any messy, old dashboards and that’s pretty nice. 


4. Awesome affiliate program 


In the part of the review where I talked about my personal journey with Clickfunnels, I’ve mentioned that they pay out pretty high commissions. Another great thing is that anybody can join so if you’re up for it, you can promote Clickfunnels yourself without even buying it. 


What I don’t like about Clickfunnels


1. Expensive


I’ll get into this more when I discuss different Clickfunnels plans but all of them are pretty expensive. However, on the other hand, when you look at the costs of creating a funnel with all the coders and designers, it’s very cheaper.


So it’s a double edged sword here. But if you’re a complete beginner that just wants to make some money, it’s definitely expensive. It’s also really pricey for people living in countries with weaker currencies. 


For example, in Serbia, the cost of the cheapest plan from Clickfunnels is more than 10k in our currency. When promoting, I’ve talked with some people from Asia where the cost of that same plan was whopping 30k or even more in their currencies. Note that those people earn that much in a month.  


2. It can get slow


Clickfunnels pages take more than 3 seconds to load! Therefore, all the pages built with it can take as much to load as well or even more. They should be the first to know that loading speed is one of the most critical factors for a page’s success.


Also, one more question. Why does it take so much time to add a new sales funnel? This process is so slow all the time and it can get really annoying sometimes although it’s not a major issue.  

clickfunnels slow loading speed


3. Support can be slow at times as well


Now, I understand that they have a lot of customers to deal with but I have to point out that one time, it took them a few days to solve one smaller yet very annoying issue I had and that was that I couldn’t log in for some reason. 


However, this is rare but there were a few weeks before the end of last year when all members were complaining about support being very slow. That’s when they experienced a lot of technical issues but thankfully, it’s all fixed now.

How to Benefit from Clickfunnels


There are numerous ways to use Clickfunnels and earn some nice buck.


1. The first and most obvious way- sell a product.


In fact, most of Russell Brunson’s courses are teaching you how to do exactly this. And it doesn’t even have to be a physical product, you can develop an online course or a subscription based program and sell it. 


If you have an expertise or knowledge you’d like to share with the world, Clickfunnels can help you sell and deliver it.


And don’t let me even get into the fact that it’s much cheaper to maintain and deliver a digital product than a physical one.  


Don’t worry if you feel like you have no skill. Trust me – you do. Russell himself started off with selling courses on how to make potato guns. So yeah, there really is no excuse. 


2. Sell a service


This one is great for people that don’t want to deal with having their own products. You can spend some time learning how to use Clickfunnels and then sell sales funnels to people who need them. 


How much should you charge? It depends on you and how complex funnels are you creating but never undervalue your services. 


There are people developing agencies by just using Clickfunnels so it’s also possible for you as an individual. 


3. Promote Clickfunnels and other Russell’s products


Clickfunnels is not the only product from Russell. He has dozens more! When you join Clickfunnels affiliate program, you get a permission and credit for promoting all of them. 


Great thing is that you even don’t have to pay for Clickfunnels in order to be an affiliate although it is recommended to buy the software and get familiar with it, like I did. 


When promoting something, people trust you more if you actually used the product yourself. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should empty your bank but at least get somewhat familiar with Clickfunnels or any other product you’re going to promote as an affiliate. 


You can also use Clickfunnels to promote other people’s products and build an email list that you will market to. 


How to do any of these?


As I’ve said, Russell has a bunch of courses that teach these topics. You can also check out a free course from Doug I’ve mentioned above. And to top it off, I also have something at the end of the post to help you out as well. 

Who is Clickfunnels For 


Clickfunnels can serve almost any industry really. In fact, if you’ve maybe checked my two posts on different sales funnel examples, you’d seen how very different industries are all utilizing sales funnels to make more money. These range from doctors, real estate agents and even musicians. 



However, here are some examples of people who I believe would benefit the most out of it. 


People who want to sell digital products would really find a lot of use in it since they can access a lot of training content on how to do that and they have a funnel building tool and an affiliate tool for creating affiliate programs for their products. 


eCommerce folks can also benefit from it since a funnel, if done right, can convert better than typical Shopify stores you see everywhere today. 


There are also cases of gym owners and chiropractors blowing up their local businesses because they’ve started to implement sales funnels so that checks local business owners as well. 


Also, freelancers and digital agencies, as I’ve discussed above. 


For more examples, check out the two posts I’ve linked above.

Clickfunnels Package Plans


Now it’s time to cover different plans Clickfunnels has to offer.


Currently, the are three. Startup, Platinum and Collective.  



Startup Plan – $97/Month 


This plan is for you if you’re just starting out in business and don’t have a lot of money to invest. It’s also great for people who don’t want to anything to big. For example, maybe you need just one simple funnel and that’s it.


This plan comes with 20 funnels and 100 pages (which is still more than enough). It also comes with 3 domains and payment gateways. 


Platinum Plan – $297/Month 


Clickfunnels Platinum plan comes with a marketing toolkit, hours of training videos and a coach to guide you step-by-step.


It also offers unlimited funnels and pages, 9 domains and 8 payment gateways (you may see 9 on the image above but Ontraport is no longer supported).


Tools not available in the Startup plan that come with Platinum are Follow Up Funnels and Backpack. It also comes with a course area called Funnel Flix.


What is Funnel Flix


Funnel Flix is like Netflix for entrepreneurs. It has all of the best training from Russell Brunson including Funnel HacksFunnel Builder SecretsTraffic Secrets


All of these courses are sold for hundreds and even thousands each and you’re getting them for free when signing up for the Platinum plan. 


With the Startup plan, you only get some free courses like the lite version of Funnel Builder Secrets which is still good but with Platinum, you get unlimited access to Funnel Flix. 


sales funnel training


More about this specific plan in my Clickfunnels Platinum review.


Collective Plan – $1497 Per Month 


This is an exclusive Clickfunnels package that can’t be normally purchased. The only way you can get this plan is by going to this link. 


Collective plan offers a lot more flexibility when it comes to users, domains and payment gateways. 


They also offer VIP phone support which is why this plan is so expensive. 


A few lessons from above mentioned Funnel Flix are only available in this plan like f.e. Agora Financial Copywriting and Agora Media Buying. 


And finally, you get access to the Two Comma Club inner circle which is basically a circle of people who have made over a million dollars with Clickfunnels. Of course, more info about this at the page I’ve linked above. 

Okay so let’s now quickly cover good and bad features of Clickfunnels. 


Clickfunnels Pros


  • Easy to use, very beginner friendly
  • Has some of the best training on marketing, sales and business for free within the platform itself 
  • Prebuilt sales funnels – 90% of the work is done for you
  • Saves you money – it can replace almost your entire tech team/all marketing software 
  • Live chat
  • Big community with a lot of successful members openly sharing how they’ve achieved their success
Clickfunnels Cons


  • Expensive for beginners – Clickfunnels is a great solution for companies when it comes to saving money but it can be a challenge for individuals just starting out because of the price
  • Support can be slow at times 
  • Slow page loading times
  • It takes forever to add a new sales funnel
  • Limitations on how many funnels, pages and visitors you can have


Clickfunnels is indeed a great tool for marketers although it has it’s cons, as every other tool. And I do believe in, as a person who is really interested in online sales, that sales funnels are a new trend that everybody should take advantage of.


It doesn’t have to be Clickfunnels even but you should develop a sales funnel. What’s going to be your tool of choice? That’s on you. In case that’s Clickfunnels, check out what I have for you next. In case you want to check for some other options before making a final decision, check out my article discussing 14 different Clickfunnels alternatives.

*Special Bonuses* 


As a person who found value in Clickfunnels, I’ve decided to actively recommend it to all of my fellas in marketing world and add it to my affiliate offers.


So, here is a bonus stack you will get if you purchase Clickfunnels through my affiliate link (scroll down below to find the link).


  • Affiliate Launch Mastery – $497 Value
affiliate marketing course


Affiliate Launch Mastery is a course by Doug Boughton, Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner and 6-figure affiliate. In this course, he teaches his strategies that he implements in his business to be one of the top affiliates for every Clickfunnels launch so far this year.

  • CF Follow Up Pro – $297 Value


If you ever decide to become a Clickfunnels affiliate, this will be of big help as well.


CF Follow Up Pro is a collection of emails that you’ll use to follow up with people you referred. This will help you convert them into customers and have them stay for a long time. You’ll also get a step-by-step training on how to set this all up.


  • Group Convert App – $197 Value

This is a plugin that helps you connect leads from your Facebook group and put them on a Google sheet where you could then use Zapier to send them to your email marketing autoresponder. I know it sounds a little bit techie but it’s very easy to set up. It sells for $197 but I will give you a free access as a bonus. 

group convert app
  • Clickfunnels Million Dollar Funnel Library – $497 Value

Yeah, you got that right. You will get direct access to funnels which have made over a million dollars in sales!


You can use them or model them, whatever you want. You can also use them as a part of your own bonus bundle (as everything else on this list) as a Clickfunnels affiliate.


Clickfunnels list of sales funnels
  • Ultimate List of High-paying Affiliate Programs – $97 Value

Finding high-ticket affiliate programs is hard. This is why I want to give you a list of over a hundred products you can promote as an affiliate for a nice recurring commission.


list of affiliate programs

– Okay, I’m interested! But how do I get all of these once I sign up?


The process is really simple. All you have to do is click on THIS LINK (make sure to clear your cookies before you do) and sign up for Clickfunnels. 


Once you’ve opened an account, add me on Facebook and connect with me. Send me your email address and I will verify if you’re indeed a member referred by me.


If you are, I’ll immediately send you your bonuses via email you’ve provided me with.


That’s it! Hope that you liked this Clickfunnels review. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Also, share this post with your colleagues if you found it helpful. Nevertheless, have an awesome day. Cheers!


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