*Cha Ching* – You’ve received an email about a new business offer. You’re invited to a special meeting. The offer seems good and you, a serious business person, start thinking about how will you look and what will you do and say when all of a sudden, you notice something.


The email you’ve received about a new business offer was from kittycat13@gmail.com. I assume that you probably won’t go to that meeting now, right? 


Professional email is of vital importance for every business owner who is getting in touch with their prospects via email. It will help you a lot just by having it, from making a great first impression to having a much bigger chance of your email being received, opened and taken seriously.


And it only takes a few minutes to set it up. And I’ll also show you how to get it for free.

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What is Professional Email Address


Simply put, professional email addresses are structured like this  – name@yourwebsite.com.


They usually contain the personal name of the business owner and then the website domain like f.e. josh@hiswebsite.com.


Or another example is a professional email from a support team – support@yourwebsite.com. There are a ton of other examples as well like contact@yourwebsite.com, billing@yourwebsite.com etc.


You get what I mean, professional emails come from your own website and business, not from Gmail or Yahoo.


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The Importance of a Professional Email Address
Maybe you already know the importance of a professional email but for those who don’t, imagine this. Imagine that you’re about to send a very important email to your prospects.
Let’s say that you are about to hold a webinar presentation and you want 1000s of people to attend it. They go to your landing page, they register and they’re anticipating your first email.
What do you think, are your prospects going to come when they see that the email is from yellowdragon42@yahoo.com? Really?
I’ll help, your webinar room probably won’t have a lot of people. 
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Great first impression is the key if you want to build an engaged email list full of prospects that will READ your emails and BUY your products/services/affiliate offers. And a professional email may sound like a small detail but it’s very important.


Just put yourself in your prospect’s position. What would you think if a yellow dragon invited you to a webinar about real estate?


There you go.


It doesn’t matter if your email address is just yourname@gmail.com, it still looks unprofessional. 


And chances are, you don’t have just your name in your email, you also have a number or a symbol.


Besides great first impression, professional email address also increases the chances of your emails arriving in your email subscriber’s inbox (where you want every of your emails to arrive, you don’t want it to go into promotions section or even worse, spam).


Free email services like Gmail or Yahoo are going to have serious issues getting your email into prospect’s inbox because a lot of ISPs and ESPs algorithm changes that have happened over the last few years.


If you have no idea what this means, no worries. Just note that free email services won’t deliver your email at it’s desired place most of the time. This is why you need a business email from your own domain. 


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How to Create a Professional Email Address [For Free]

This method is easy and works for almost everyone who has a website or wants to start one.

I will start off right from the beginning. Professional email addresses are created inside of your web hosting account. So, the first step will be getting a custom domain and hosting or just hosting if you already have a website. 
Companies like Bluehost offer a free business email if you buy hosting through them. So if you want a free business email, you should host your site on Bluehost. 

So, let’s cover exactly how to create a professional email address with Bluehost, step by step!


1st Step – Open a Bluehost Account


Click here to be taken to the Bluehost page. Then click on Get Started green button.


bluehost home page


Once you’ve done that, you’ll be asked to choose your preferred plan. Don’t worry, whatever plan you choose, you’ll get a free professional email. I’d recommend starting with the Choice Plus plan because it costs the same as the Plus plan and it comes with better features and unlimited websites, unlike the Basic plan which comes with only one.


bluehost hosting plans


Once you’ve chosen your plan, you’ll then be asked to either pick a new domain if you’re just starting out or connect your already existing website.


bluehost domains


If you are starting a new website and want to get a new domain, enter your desired domain name in the left box to check domain availability. If it is available or you’re connecting an already existing website, you’ll be taken to the page where you’ll be asked to enter your information and customize your package.


bluehost basic plan


You don’t have to change anything, this is perfectly fine. Regarding the purchase itself, you’ll be billed yearly. After you’ve entered your information and have purchased, you’ll receive an email with the login information to your website cpanel. This is where you basically manage everything regarding your website. 


Now you’re ready for the second step.


2nd Step – Create Your Professional Email Address


Congrats for becoming a Bluehost customer! They’re one of the best hosting providers in the world right now and I am 100% sure you’ll have a great experience with them from now on. Onto the step two.


Once you’ve logged into your account and have access to your dashboard, you’ll see a few buttons on the left sidebar. Click on Advanced. This is what you will see.



Click on Email Accounts. 


Once you’ve done that, you’ll land on the page where you’ll be able to see all of your email accounts. Of course, in the start, you won’t have any. To create one, navigate to right side and click on blue button that says Create.


bluehost professional email addresses


After that, enter the username and password of your email account and click Create (again).



Boom! You’re now all set. You can now find this email in your Email Accounts like showed above and from there you can check your emails and manage it. 


See? Piece of cake! And yes, it’s not really for “free”, you’ve still had to pay for hosting. But in return, you’ve gotten some really nice things.


  • Professional email address
  • Amazing hosting provider, one of the best in the world – Bluehost
  • Awesome support staff that pretty much replies instantly to any of your questions


And more… 


Now people won’t wonder who in the world is this michaellovescheese789 that is inviting them to a webinar. 


Hope that you’ve liked this post! If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below and I’ll try my best to help you. 



  1. This is a Simple and awesome walkthrough step which helped me to create my domain and professional email ID for my services. Thanks for the post

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