Put yourself in this situation for a moment.


You just broke your blender. “Damn it!”, you think, “I just paid $100 for that thing!”. Now, there is no other choice but to get a new one because you just can’t live without a blender. 


You don’t want to buy from the brand CutterzNBlenderz because you just had a negative experience with their product and their warranty period is too short, obviously. 


Time to search for another brand. After a couple of minutes, you stumble upon a RagingBlender brand and click on their shopping ad. Their product page looks nice and you like what you see. However, the price of $120 is still tough to swallow. But, you need the thing so the money must be spent. 


In the middle of the buying process, these thoughts go through your mind:

“I’ve never seen this brand before, what separates them from the CutterzNBlenderz?”

“I mean, the product seems good but I am still not quite sure”,

And finally…

“What do other people have to say? How was their experience with the RaggingBlender?”


Unfortunately for you, RaggingBlender has no customer reviews. You browse around a little bit but you find nothing. Discouraged, you leave their site.   


See what happened? I bet we all actually have experienced this in real life at some point. Social proof has become so vital these days. As more and more brands keep popping out like popcorns, consumers demand proof that they’re legit. 


In fact, over 60% of consumers won’t buy a product if it doesn’t have at least 4.0 reviews by previous customers. So, what you can do with all this information to improve your brand?


Well, there are tons of things you can do. You can add reviews on product pages, testimonials, demo videos from influencers, etc. However, in this post, we’ll talk about a small thing that was proven to work over and over and that is social proof notifications. In other words, those little pop-ups you see at the bottom of the page that say “John Doe – Your Business provides excellent service, I’m really satisfied!” 


Specifically, we’ll review the app that specializes in creating just that – Morevago. 


Content table:

  1. What is Morevago?
  2. How can Morevago help your business?
  3. Morevago Pricing
  4. Morevago Pros and Cons
  5. Conclusion


Let’s go!   

What is Morevago?


Morevago is a social proof software that helps you make your landing pages more effective. It uses the data you provide to create reviews that can be used to give future visitors an extra push to buy your product or service. 


This app is small and very easy to navigate. It serves one purpose only and therefore, it doesn’t have a lot of features which makes it easy for new users to test it completely while on a 14-day free trial. 


Let me show you how it works. After you create a free account, you’ll see this interface:


As you can see, the type of reviews you’re going to create are like the one you see below. I am pretty sure you’ve probably stumbled upon similar, if not the same, reviews on many landing pages. 


Including a picture of a real person and their testimonial can help build your authority. Setting up these notifications is pretty easy and it takes a few minutes. 


Moverago’s team has set up a video that will guide you through the app. They will also show you how to customize your reviews including how to add images, text, time intervals between the reviews, and for how long do you want a review to show.


You can also customize these reviews by entering your customer’s location and the date of purchase. Be careful with the date though because around 80% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant anymore. Watch out for that.


And of course, you can remove Morevago’s watermark in order to look more professional.  

How can Morevago help your business?


To answer this, we have to look beyond just Morevago. Social proof plays a crucial role in marketing today. Many people have had bad shopping experiences in the past and when they’re looking to buy a new product online, they want to be 100% sure that they’re buying from a legit brand. 


You have done the hard work of building a real deal of a business. That’s great but how are you going to show other people that that’s the case?


By displaying reviews from previous customers of yours on the page while a user is scrolling through, you’re increasing the chances of them scheduling a phone call, subscribing to an email list, or buying a product.


Of course, it’s also recommended that you have a dedicated testimonial page or at least a part of your landing page with customer testimonials. 


According to the study, 70% of people will trust a review from someone they don’t even know. Here’s the complete graph. 


In particular, these kinds of reviews Morevago can create are able to boost conversions up by up to 15%. 


Nobody has bought my product/service yet! What do I do?


Offer your service for free in exchange for a testimonial. If you sell physical goods, pay someone to do a product demo. It isn’t easy but you only have to do this once or a few times until someone actually buys from you. However, that hard work will pay off big time in the future. 


I do NOT suggest writing fake reviews. Online shoppers have developed a “skill” of spotting fake reviews. If they sense that your reviews are fake, they’ll never buy from your website. I mean, who would buy from a site that has fake reviews on it? Would you? I know I wouldn’t! 


However, I know that many advertisers do that and that it is an ugly part of the game. It can be easy to think: “Everybody else is doing it, why wouldn’t I?”


If you do decide to write fake reviews, do it at your own risk.


Back to Morevago. Let’s now cover their pricing and then move on to the pros and cons.    

Morevago Pricing


Morevago comes with 4 pricing plans. The thing you’ll notice is that the thing that makes the price go up is the number of websites you’ll be able to have these notifications on. Here are the details:


As you can see, their pricing is pretty reasonable. However, I don’t recommend Starter plan because you can’t remove the watermark from the notifications you create. If you’re gonna use this app for only one website, get a Plus plan. It’s just $5 more, I am pretty confident anybody can afford that.

Morevago Pros and Cons


Morevago Pros

  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Free trial is more than long enough
  • Affordable pricing
  • Customizable sticky reviews
  • Unlimited visitors and sticky reviews across all plans

Morevago Cons

  • Design could use a bit of work. No big deal though.  


Without a doubt, adding social proof on your landing pages can drastically affect their conversion rate in a positive way. There are tons of ways you can show social proof to your visitors. With Morevago, you solve that little piece of the big puzzle – building your brand’s authority.


If you’re interested in alternatives, check out Proof or Fomo. On the other hand, if you’d like to test Morevago, you can do so by signing up here


Thank you for reading this review! If you found any value in it, click that little Like button below and leave a comment, that means A LOT to me. Have a great day!   


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