Heard all the buzz around this new program that claims that you’re just “one funnel away” from achieving your dreams?  Want to know more about it and if it’s worth your money and time?


By the time this post is written, I’ve just completed the One Funnel Away challenge. I’ve heard about it in September but didn’t join until the end of October. 


I must admit, I felt pretty suspicious and thought of it as “just another course”. But, after referring a few already interested people to it as Clickfunnels affiliate and the price not being a big deal, I was like: “Hey, I’ll give it a shot” and I’ve entered the program.


I didn’t expect much from it but…


Content table:

  1. What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?
  2. Who are the Hosts?
  3. What does it teach?
  4. How Does the One Funnel Away Challenge work?
  5. Why I’ve Bought the Challenge?
  6. What else do you get with the One Funnel Away Challenge? 
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Summary
  9. *Special Bonuses*

If you are already ready to buy and just want some extra bonuses with your purchase, click on *Special Bonuses* to get right into it.


So, without any further to do, let’s hop right into it!

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What is One Funnel Away Challenge?
One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30 day coaching program by Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian. It teaches how to build your first (or next) sales funnel in 30 days, even if you don’t have any marketing experience.
This program is different from the others I’ve been involved with so far because it really focuses on inspiring users to take action.


It has been designed in a unique way so that the user really gets that sense of urgency. More about this in the third chapter of the post.

Russell believes that all the content you consume is useless unless you actually implement what they teach, which he clearly states all the time throughout the course.
Who Are the Hosts of the Challenge?


One of the big reasons why I’ve joined this challenge is because it comes from credible resources and people who have more than proved themselves in this industry.


Russell Brunson is an entrepreneur who founded Clickfunnels, arguably the most popular sales funnel software online. He took Clickfunnels from zero to hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in a few short years. His estimated net worth is around $37 million.


Stephen Larsen is a network marketer who was Russell’s best sales funnel builder before leaving Clickfunnels to pursue his own projets. 


Julie Stoian is a digital marketing expert who was the first woman to win a Clickfunnels Dream Car and also won the BlogHer Voices of the Year Award.

What Does the Program Teach?
This challenge teaches how to put together a sales funnel and launch it in 30 days (and what to do after).
If you’ve read my post on what sales funnels are and how they work, you would have learned that every funnel works by hooking a person up, telling them a story and making them an offer. 


This challenge gets in-depth on how to create your offer, how to tell a story and then how to come up with hooks that you will use to grab attention.


After coming up with these three, they get into the technical part and actually putting your funnel together. And then, finally, how to drive traffic to your funnel.


The program has been carefully split all the content and tasks into 4 weeks. Now, let’s get into more details and see what you’ll exactly get when enrolling in the One Funnel Away Challenge.

How Does the One Funnel Away Challenge Work?

As I’ve said, this program hasn’t been designed like a typical online course. It has specific dates when the challenge starts (there is a new one in every two weeks).

Before the challenge starts, you can’t access any content from the course. You can only watch some interviews with the best affiliates of Clickfunnels (there is a lot of value there as well).
After the challenge starts, you’ll unlock a new lesson every day. And by the last day, you’ll unlock all the lessons from the course.
First you will have Russell Brunson teaching you and then you will get a specific task you will have to complete by the next day.

After Russell’s video, you can also watch Stephen Larsen’s coaching calls where he basically covers Russell’s lessons and pushes you to take action.


And the finally you will watch Julie Stoian actually showing you how to complete the specific task.

one funnel away challenge screenshot

Something like this.

How is the Program Structured?

This program lasts for 4 weeks. In those 4 weeks, you’ll learn how to put together a sales funnel from start to finish. Also, before the funnel training begins, you’ll go through one week of pretraining. Let’s cover each of these weeks specifically.


Pretraining – Mindset 


In the first week, everything is going to be about mindset and making you believe that you actually can do this and that you can build a successful funnel and impact thousands or even millions of people’s lives.


You’ll watch several presentations from Russell and other people and listen to their success stories. These stories aren’t something that somebody just made up. They go deep and Russell actually started crying in one of the presentations (like, for real). 


Also the stories from other people are insane but at the same time truly inspiring because if they can do it, so can you!


Week 1 – Offer Creation


In the week 1 (technically week 2), things get down to business. You stop just watching presentations and actually start doing some work.


In this week, you’ll learn how to do offer hacking (seeing and modelling other people’s offers), come up with your own offer and then put it together. This works even if you have no prior experience in offer creation. 


If you really don’t want to create a product, don’t worry. You can become an affiliate and sell other people’s products. But you’ll still have to come up with an unique offer that will stand out from other competitors (like the one you’ll see below).


Week 2 – Storytelling and attention grabbing


In the next week, you’ll learn how to tell a story that will captivate your readers.


A story is much deeper than just saying who you are and your product’s features. Your story should trigger emotions within your reader because that’s what actually makes people buy. 


Inside of week 2 you’ll learn how to tell a story that triggers emotions and get people to read it (grabbing attention).


Week 3 – Funnel Creation


AKA the techy stuff. Inside of week 3 you’re going to put together a funnel. This includes your landing page, sales page etc. 


Don’t worry, this is actually the easiest part. Clickfunnels makes everything simple for you and all you have to do is follow the training.


Week 4 – Traffic


After your funnel is set up, you’ll need visitors. In this week, you’ll learn how to drive traffic. There are two ways to do this, free and paid and they’ll cover both.

one funnel away challenge overview

After this, you’ll get a plan on what to do next. You’ll also get access to interviews with people who have entered the so called ‘Two Comma Club’ – club for people who have made more than million dollars with one funnel.


Listening to stories from people who have gone through the challenge and made it work is HUGE and this content alone is worth at least 10x the price of the course. 

Why I’ve Bought the One Funnel Away Challenge?


I’d heard of this challenge in September last year but I didn’t buy it until November because I’ve seen it as “just another course” which is understandable. I’ve been through so many programs that have promised me the moon and then, after I got in, it turned out that those were some MLM shady programs so I got out. 


Personally, I always was all about transparency so offering something to someone who was in need of help and couldn’t afford to lose any more money knowing that what I was selling is a scam was unimaginable for me.


I’ve decided to buy the program after going to several groups on Facebook and asking people for their opinion. Almost all were positive so I’ve went to my associate, bought through his affiliate link to help him out, got some nice bonuses from him as a thank you and started the program. 


I was hoping to learn some ways to improve my affiliate sales and what happened is that I’ve learned how to sell anything to anyone, regardless if I was a owner of the product or an affiliate. 


Seriously, I was experimenting on some of my family members by asking them if they would buy a product from me, not telling them why I was doing that. 


I was impressed when they said yes so I immediately started geeking out on how can I sell Clickfunnels to other people and what type of offer can I develop.


After some time, I was done with developing my offer (the offer you will see at the end of the post :D) and after that, I’ve needed a content publishing platform for attracting prospects.


I’ve chosen to start a blog and here we are! You reading my post. Personally, I plan on going through the program again when I plan on developing a product of my own but that’s currently not my focus. I will keep this blog with updates. 

What Else Do You Get with the One Funnel Away Challenge?
Alongside 5 weeks of incredible mindset and sales funnel training and interviews with Clickfunnels Dream Car winners and Two Comma Club members, you also have an option to add $19 to your One Funnel Away purchase to pay for the shipping of these goodies ($29 internationally)
– Physical Copy of the Challenge Workbook
– OFA MP3 Player
– 30 Days Hardcover Book
one funnel away challenge kit bundle

And a few more goodies (see *Special Bonuses* chapter hehe).

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What’s the price of the challenge?


The price of the One Funnel Away Challenge is $100 one time fee. Yep, it’s not a $1000, $500 or even $200 – but only $100. Everything you’ve read about in this article, you get for that price.


  • How much time a day does the challenge require?


I’d say that you should separate 1-2 hours every day for the challenge. And yeah, it may require you to get up a few hours earlier at times. 


  • Is the One Funnel Away Challenge a scam, some sort of MLM or “get rich quick” scheme?
I understand from where this is coming from. People seeing all of these claims of making 6,7 or even 8 figures in a short period of time. Of course they will wonder “Hm, is this legit?”

Here is what I want you to know. People who have launched successful funnels have worked their butts off to achieve their results. Russell clearly states on the sales page of the challenge that there is going to be a lot of hard work.


Make money schemes claim that you will earn millions while on the beach drinking cocktails. And they usually cost thousands of dollars.


One Funnel Away Challenge comes from reputable people with dozens of years of experience in this industry. Sales funnels are no magic stick. You still have to spend a lot of time and effort in learning them and then creating an effective funnel of your own.


So yeah, to sum it up. It’s not a scam.


  • Does the One Funnel Away Challenge have an affiliate program?


Yes! It pays 100% commissions per sale. That means that you can get your investment back just from referring one person. 


  • If I am not satisfied, can I get a refund?


The challenge has a 30 day refund period so if you don’t like the course for some reason, you can get your money back.



I’ve been involved with many marketing programs but the One Funnel Away Challenge has, hands down, been the best one so far. It’s not just the content but the whole experience in those 30 days.


I’d had so many ‘aha’ moments that have completely changed the way I see business, marketing etc.


It has also pushed me to start off this blog and start putting out content about the affiliate products I am promoting and the topics I love – sales funnels, helping people solve their problems etc.


For anyone just starting out or looking for more results, look no further than the One Funnel Away Challenge.

*Special Bonuses*


As a person who was pretty satisfied with the One Funnel Away Challenge, I’ve decided to add it to my affiliate offers and actively promote it and recommend it to anyone who is either starting out online or looking to scale.


And although the value of the course content easily exceeds the price (by far!) on it’s own, I’ve decided to sweeten the deal even more.


Bringing us to the additional bonuses you’ll get by purchasing the One Funnel Away Challenge through my affiliate link.


So, here we go. My bonuses are:


  • OFA Bonus Mastery –  $497 Value 

This is a course from a 6 figure affiliate marketer Doug Boughton that covers the OFA lessons and also has his advanced training lessons as well.

one funnel away challenge bonus

  • CF Follow Up Pro - $297 Value

If you ever decide to become a Clickfunnels affiliate, this will be of big help. 

CF Follow Up Pro is a collection of emails that you'll use to follow up with people you referred. This will help you convert them into customers and have them stay for a long time.

You'll also get a step-by-step training on how to set this all up.

group convert app

  • Group Convert App - $197 Value

This is a plugin that helps you connect leads from your Facebook group and puts them on a Google sheet where you could then use Zapier to send them to your email marketing autoresponder. I know it sounds a little bit techie but it's very easy to set up.

It sells for $197 but I will give you a free access as a bonus.

  • Clickfunnels Million Dollar Funnel Library – $997 Value


Yeah, you got that right. You will get direct access to funnels which have made over a million dollars in sales!


You can use them or model them, whatever you want. You can also use them as a part of your own bonus bundle (as everything else on this list) as a Clickfunnels affiliate.

Clickfunnels list of sales funnels
  • Ultimate List of High-paying Affiliate Programs – $97 Value


Finding high-ticket affiliate programs is hard. This is why I want to give you a list of over a hundred products you can promote as an affiliate for a nice recurring commission.

list of affiliate programs

If you’d like to take this offer, all you have to do is purchase the challenge through THIS LINK. Make sure that you clear your cookies before you purchase.


If I don’t get the credit, you won’t get these bonuses! This is why I want you to make sure that the affiliate link will work by clearing your browser cookies or going Incognito mode.


After that, add me as a friend on Facebook and send me a message with the receipt of your purchase. Then I’ll send you your bonuses. Thank you!


Anyway, hope that you liked this One Funnel Away Challenge review. Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me via my Contact page and I’ll reply as quick as I can. Have a great day and happy funnel hacking! 


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