Have you ever entered your email to receive a free gift from a company and immediately received an email from them and wondered: 


How have they done that? How could they immediately send you an email? They must be sitting in front of a computer whole day! 


Okay, probably not but you may have really wondered how do they automate so many emails.


Unless you’ve been living under the rock for the past 20 years, you’ve probably subscribed to a few hundred newsletters from various channels. And then you’ve started to receive a series of emails every day or every other day. 


The way individuals or companies automate their emails is through an email autoresponder. These are the tools that you use to create and build your email list and then automate emails you want your prospects to receive.


And the concept of email autoresponders is brilliant! I mean, imagine you have to send an email to 10,000 people each. Oh no!


This is where these cheap tools come in to save your day. With just a push of a button, you can email 10,000 people all at once and they will receive your email immediately.


But let’s break it down in a little bit more detail. Today I’ll cover:


  1. Email Marketing
  2. Email Lists [Important!]
  3. What is an Email Autoresponder
  4. Why You Need Them
  5. Types of Emails You Should Send
  6. Best Email Autoresponders

Let’s go! 

email autoresponder
Email Marketing


Before we get into the tools, we first need to explain the market these tools are in. 


Email marketing is a way of marketing through emails, obviously. In fact, you can build a whole business just from doing email marketing. 


It’s something no company should look over. Here are some stats to show you why: 

  • There are almost 4 billion emails users at the moment and it’s growing every day.
  • 269 billion emails are sent out every day and it’s expected to grow to about 330 billion emails being sent daily in 2022.
  • Email earns about $40 for every $1 spent. 4000% return on investment!
  • Over 90% of shoppers want to hear from companies they’re doing business with via email.
  • Almost 60% of marketers say that email is their biggest return on investment!
  • People check their personal email account more than 15 times per day on average. 
  • People who purchase through email spend almost 140% more than those who didn’t receive a promotional email
  • Almost 70% of millenials have said that emails have influenced their purchase decisions.


View the source for more information.


And it goes on and on. Seriously, if you aren’t into email marketing game, you need to get in NOW!


In this post you’ll learn about the tools we use for email marketing and will also get some directions on how to get started. 

Email Lists


Okay, what is an email list? And what does it have to do with this email marketing thing?


An email list is basically a list of emails from your prospects who have agreed to receive emails from you. This is the warmest audience you can have and it’s the audience you truly own. You can send them whatever you want, no rules like f.e. on Facebook or Instagram where you have to play by their rules.


And an email autoresponder is basically the tool you use to collect those email addresses, create a list of them and automate emails you want them to receive.


Learn more about email lists, why they are important and how to get subscribers fast!

What is an Email Autoresponder


Simply put, an email autoresponder is a tool used for storing your prospects’ emails and sending them emails automatically. No manual work required, all you have to do is pick the time you want your emails to be sent, click a button and you’re done!


Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to do this later on.


Why You Need an Email Autoresponder
Besides storing emails from your prospects, an email autoresponder is also used for sending emails to your list and also create different smaller lists of people who have took different actions when receiving your emails. 
For example, you may create a smaller list of people who have clicked on a certain link in your email.
This is for a little bit more advanced users, of course. Don’t worry about that in the beginning.
Email autoresponders are great tools because they do all the work for you while you’re working on something else, spending time with your loved ones, travelling or sleeping.
All you have to do on your end is just write your emails, schedule them and that’s it. The rest of the work is done by your favorite email tool. 

An autoresponder can also be used if you just want to send an email to a few people at once, without manual work. 

So, to sum it up, if you’re emailing your prospects, customers or clients at all – you need an autoresponder. And if you aren’t, what are you waiting for? Why would you do manual work?


Also, an email list is a priceless asset. It’s the one that, once it’s built, stays there for years or even decades. Read the post I’ve mentioned above to learn exactly how to build it.


Types of Emails You Should Send


Let’s now cover some common types of emails being sent out with email autoresponders.


Welcome Email


This is the one that is sent out by every single email marketer. It is the first email people from a specific person’s or company’s list are going to receive. 


The welcome email is usually long and it tells everything you need to know about the sender, the emails you’re going to receive, the product you’ve bought etc. 


welcome email from xerol


Post-Purchase Email


This is also an email that is sent out by pretty much every company. After you’ve purchased some product, you’ll always receive an email or series of emails. In this email, the seller thanks you for your purchase and often tries to upsell you on another product/service. 

post purchase email by godaddy


Abandoned Cart Email


Abandoned cart emails appear in your inbox after you’ve added an item in the cart at some online store but for some reason, didn’t buy. Almost 70% of all online shopping carts are left abandoned! This is why this email is a must-have. 


These emails always have clear intent – to get you back on their website and complete the purchase. 


One of the great examples of abandoned cart emails is from Adidas. Take a look. 


abandoned cart email by adidas


The Offer Email


This is the type of email you send when you want to sell something. You can also make that offer be special only for your list subscribers (discount, coupon etc.).


You want to have some sort of “thank you” offer for your email subscribers for being on your list. It will encourage them to stay on it more.


Add some sort of special coupon for your subscribers. You can also let them know about an incoming discount on your products before everyone else.


special offer email


Email Course


These are series of emails that have an educational purpose. They cover a specific topic that’s usually big and can’t be covered in one email. Each email contains one lesson from a full course.


Email courses are a great way to get your subscribers engaged, open your emails more and trust you enough to buy your products.


email course example


Survey Email


You shouldn’t be the only one who speaks in your email marketing campaigns. From time to time, you should send out an email that asks your subscribers some questions.


Maybe you want to know what problems do they have at the moment and which product you can develop to solve those problems?


Maybe you want to create a few smaller lists with people with some different interests and characteristics?


Maybe you want feedback on a certain action of your’s?


This is where survey email comes in very helpful.


survey email example


These are the most common types of emails that are sent out by email marketers every day. And for a good reason, every business should be sending these emails because they work and really do convert people to buy products!


Now, let’s get into my favorite email autoresponders. You’ve learned about the importance of email marketing and which emails you should send, it’s time to learn which tools are the best for email marketing (and also the most simple to use).


Best Email Autoresponder


Today, I’ll cover 3 of my favorite email autoresponders. Many other marketers love these tools as well because of their simplicity and effectiveness. 


AWeber – My Favorite Email Autoresponder


I’ve used AWeber for quite some time now and I can proudly say that I love it! It’s easy to use, it’s effective, it rarely has any bugs and they have an awesome staff. 


aweber logo


If you’d read my post about email lists, you would have noticed that I am showing you how to do email marketing with this tool. They offer 30 day free trial for you to test it out and see if you like it. 


You can also reach out to me and ask me any questions you have about this tool because I am personally using it.




GetResponse is another email tool I am somewhat familiar with. I haven’t used it that much but I have many friends that are in love with this tool. 



It’s a little bit cheaper than AWeber but it takes a little bit more time to learn how to use it because it’s a bigger tool.


You can also create landing pages with this tool that you can use to capture email addresses and build your list, something you can’t do with AWeber. But in regards to just building landing pages, there are better software out there for doing that. 


However, it’s a great toolkit for starters who don’t want to use multiple tools to build their list. They also offer 30 day free trial for testing.




Now, I’ve never used this one but I’ve heard great things about it. One of my favorite internet gurus, Pat Flynn, is also top affiliate for this tool. 


Convertkit also enables you to build landing pages and currently, they are doing a challenge with up to $10,000 in prizes! Seriously, go check it out at their website.


convertkit graphic


That’s it! Hope that you’ve enjoyed this post. Email autoresponders are lifesavers for marketers. They do over 90% of the hard work for you when it comes to engaging with the prospects, getting them to trust you and buy from you on a consistent basis. 


I hope that you’ve understood how important these tools are for every business owner that has an online presence. You need to start implementing email marketing in your business today!


If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below or contact me via email. Thank you!


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